Conkers gel update and green fingers

As I have done little to update what goes on outside all the studying.

I felt cold this morning. Big thing, considering my attitude towards being cold.

I’ve seen twice now in my dreams men being burned by fires that have both started by accident, but they’ve come out with mild damages. I am starting to get irritated by this. Mr Sandman, I need new sort of dreams.

Potion kitchen – the chestnut tincture has been filtered, the vegetable glycerin has been ordered, including the pump bottles, so now I only need to go over the video to see how exactly the process goes and do it. Can someone be any happier? I ordered double portion of glycerin. Considering my adoration to that part of herbal world, I think I’ll be using it up before I notice.

Studying is the worst thing going for me. I just can’t seem to get to it. This is also effectively blocking my imagination duo stress.

Otherwise, Monday was spent on and off of sleep dimension and Thursday my hands deep in dirt. I replanted some of my plants. I know it might have been out of season, but I convinced myself I have the extra hour and they looked so awful. I may not have the ultimate green fingers, but if the plant is feeling bad, it will show like torch in the night. I’ve managed to collect quite a punch of cactuses babies and the milk-like-juice plant had turned from nice strong plant I had before into multiple help-me-out-of-here particles. So I recalled what I remembered from old times and gave my best shot. I just hope it won’t prove to be fatal.

Then we played with Madli until she finally dropped in my lap and slept there until bedtime. When I was down and pretending to sleep, she kept coming and tossing the ball until I reacted and played with her. She is getting the rules pretty good already and understands the “ouch!” pretty well. Still, her game is still pretty rough.


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