Ship wreck to cheep housing

It was very stormy evening. I saw the side of a huge ship.  I didn’t see the ship itself, but I saw a monster size exit on the side of it. It didn’t have floor, but the water level inside the ship was the same as the level outside and I knew this was meant for yarts and luxury boats to be brought back inside. Like garage for luxury boats. There was one big one coming in, white one, maneuvering through, when suddenly another, small speedboat appeared and went full speed ahead between the wall and the boat, creating very strong waves that took the bigger boat off balance and it landed against the gate and smashed it’s side. Fact which later proved fatal for the monster ship. The small one was bright beige and ugly looking fellow. The man behind the wheel had only his beige raincoat on and white scarf, but no hat.

Then the image changed into a place, where were small gardens. They were odd, like city houses that had garden areas far away from them. The entire earth was covered with massive concrete blocks with grass growing in-between. Like somebody had taken down houses and laid the walls on the land. But where there weren’t concrete, people grew greens and apple trees. But they lived in same kind of concrete walled apartment houses. Still, the entire look of it was amazingly serene and spring-like, though some apple trees had apples on them.

Somebody wondered over what’s under the concrete and somebody knocked on the closest concrete cover and said it was petroleum. That the entire place was built on petroleum tanks. They were all dressed in unbleached cotton.

Suddenly somebody screamed “Fire!” We turned to the sound and saw light flames rising from one edge of one of the concrete taps. Then everything went fast. People tried to put out the fire at first, but seeing how effortlessly the fire continued, they ran. The fire still caught them up and burned alive. But there was no black smoke or burned black stuff – it was all still clear and light spring day. And sounds were odd, like muffled.

Then it reached the houses. We had just bought one apartment and were repairing it, I knew that. I could see in from the corner of our apartment (I got the general info that people were poor, that it was general everywhere and that they just made with what they had) and watched how the fire reached in towards the room I was seeing. In there was man laying on a mantras and round green pillow. He was asleep I think, so I yelled at him to wake up, but he didn’t.

I ran in and wanted to enter from the door I knew should have been there, but it wasn’t. I remembered staircases and ran for them, reaching the second floor just in time and waking him up. He only said me to stop my screaming and he turned. I stopped immediately and watched in absolute harmony with everything how he took his mannequin beige hand and screwed it on. It wasn’t moving hand or anything.

I reached for his hand and we stood up, went for the exit and reached in the garden like there was nothing going on. I knew he had lost his arm in one of those fires. The flames were already settling on the edges of the concrete taps of the containers and people turned to clearing out damage. But walking there made me know all the time that there was still petroleum under our feet. But it didn’t bother us.  When I took up the first part of half-burned (no burning marks really) white chair, I woke up.  

Oh, later that morning, I found myself thinking that the ship that wrecked in the earlier dream, that this had been covered with soil and those concrete tabs were covering the containers that ship had. That houses and gardens were built on that.


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