Day 5 and 6

Day 5. Chakra meditation

What was my experience like? I totally failed. I didn’t do it on 5th day as suppose to, because I was swamped in work, but I took it up on 7th day. I did the day 3 exercise up on that day again, too.  I just realized I could use the entire power of that day. I was doing major cleaning (packing and removing things that were planned to be removed year ago) and as I was at it, I put the candle spell up again, intending to remove the emotional discouragements, too.  When I was close to end, I saw a double rainbow as clear as day! So I knew it had worked. It was followed 3 more rainbows, so I know I did the right thing on the right day and I was very happy.

But back to the Chakra meditation. I thought it would be easier to do if I have some guided music for background and I searched it out on youtube. Laid on the bed, tuned my breathing and tried to get the energies flowing. First thing I noticed was, I didn’t get the images going as fast as the person on the tape moved on. Didn’t matter, I thought, listened it to the end so I’d know what to do and then changed on something that didn’t have anyone reading on it.

I think I passed through the lowest chakra and then dozed off. I don’t know how long I was out, but I woke on a very vivid image of huge indigo (slightly violet blue) lotus opening up with immense overwhelming yellowish-white light on the background. Nothing else – only the flower with tens of petals smoothly opening up. The moment the flower was fully laid out, I came out, fully awake. I ripped the player off and decided to stop there. I didn’t fall back asleep before an hour or so, but I couldn’t think on anything either, only on that lotus thing.

I know that the crown chakra is represented by thousand petal violet lotus. But at the same time I can’t pass that I was probably asleep. So now I’m not sure if I went through it or not. But one way or the other the intensity of seeing that was amazing!


Day 6. Describe in writing your own “calling” to the Witch’s path.  Take note of white of the shamanic hallmarks describe your own experience.


I grew up in the forest, I guess this would say pretty much all. I would go there early morning and come back in the evening if not asked differently. I would sit in the middle of moss in a small piece of land surrounded with firs and listened how the trees were swinging in the wind. I loved it, especially in the winter. I don’t think I did any astral flying around or talking with the spirits of animals.

I do have “animal’s maternity ward” written on my forehead. I don’t usually give out signs like I’d go and help them, but they come and I know and they know. And then I sit with them as long as it takes. Even under roof on a cold day if necessary. They also come when they are sick.

I’ve also seemed to know what herb other person needs when they are sick. I get the feeling that brings me to one and I know if it would work or not. I try not to act on it automatically before I’ve read about it, but I tend to get it right.

It makes me look like madman, too. If they know your worried look that you’ll ask if they are ok, because you don’t feel they are ok. Or if you sit, telling card reading to someone, playing with the deck in your hand.

Yeah, here you are a Madman until you are scanning if others are ok, but Wiseman when they know they can get help from you.


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