Days 1 to 3

The Year and a Day has started!

With first excitement I thought I will keep day-to-day diary. Reality unfortunately kicks on my back and I now know firmly I’m not going to manage that. So I’ll update when I can and how I can.

The first day was indeed a world of its own. First I discovered that the part of the world where Charlie lives and posts her emails, is far enough that the classes arrive at three or four in the evening. So this gives me close to 12 hours to do the exercises and it would still count as a daytime there. Which made me wish even more that my personal book would arrive faster. I’m really disappointed that it has been delayed for so long, but there’s no point to really go yelling about it in Kriso. It isn’t like they could do much if the other end decided not to deliver. But since the second one they opted for posted it on 7th, it should be here by the end of this week, so yay!

This didn’t stop me from doing the exercise. I was at work and it was for once clear Full Moon night, so after I’d done my second tour, I went out to check the windows, and stood there for entire ten minutes, eyes closed in a small corner, where I couldn’t be seen. First frosts of the year and it felt fantastic to rustle with the soil and the grass. It really felt good. I go around bare feet at home, but this was something new. Hadn’t gone on just frozen land before.

This made me surprisingly calm and steady for the entire day and I really needed it. First I had girlfriend come over, who needed to talk and I prepared her first cup of coffee of her life. I had missed our conversations. Then had a friend in need, who was already emotionally over boiling (going without sleep for 52 hours can do that to anyone, be you man or a woman) and as I had nothing better to do, I went and sit with him and coffee and we talked. After finally getting home I slept the rest of the day without winking until brother used the order on dog: “If you get her up, you can play with her.” I am getting very suspicious that this is indeed becoming recognizable order for her as she always acts on it and lands two natural rubber balls between my ribs.

As I woke up then, my second day started. I’m taking this day thing bit loosely as to me the new day starts when I wake up, not when the clock feels fancy to show it.

So after I got up, I checked the mail and found the second task. Thinking over words and how the resound to me and to people around me.

My response in forum was this: The only word that has came up in discussion as somewhat disturbing, has been Wicca. I like how he explained it in the exercise, but it also brought out the reason that makes the word rather uneasy for me and to my friends, family. Oddly most of us accept the rest of the witchcraft related topics, but they don’t like the word itself. Because it resonates with “ancient” and that really disturbs people. What can I do?

Oddly it seemed that quite many in the forum came to similar solution. Everything else is ok, but the title itself is weird and actually brings up mutually uneasy feeling.

The third day included little spell. Little turned to me into something slightly bigger as I added the oil (my favorite), twisted the idea of the spell and the meaning altogether. As the idea of it is really to get rid of the bad energy related to the words and to learn, feel how it is to make a spell, I think I stayed in the line.

Today is the fourth and I can’t wait what this one brings. I hope something that doesn’t include much meditating. I spent yesterday night reading a book and all I will do after work today is to go home and straight to bed. No movies, no books (though I brought lots of them with me). Only sleep.


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