Dadaa! And all that jazz!

I’m not on sugar rush! I’m not on coffee! I got the loan!

Omg, I can’t believe this! After all the hell I went through for it! And now I can finally pay for the school. Which means I gotta start studying now too. Again. I was afraid before.

But enough – I need to finish my 1000 words per day today and then go forward from there! 😀

Oh! Just one more thing.

Furious Five. I love it! Didn’t think I will, so I didn’t watch it, but now I did and I adore it. It’s so cute! Another man finally gets his girl! Plus the man goes lovlier each time :D. Only the end ruined everything when they added the five second intro for the next movie – why can’t you leave things be, guys? Who writes those scripts? Santa Barbara screenwriters? Who?!?

Anyway, just wanted to share my happy feelings right now.


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