Green Witch

I received a book today I was expecting to come next, not first. Yet I’m glad I got it as I’ve been flipping it back and fort and reading bits from pages and it’s surprisingly nice feeling that warms up inside.

Grimoire for the Green Witch by Ann Moura. While many other books are available even outside the paper form and I already knew ahead what they are like and chose them accordingly, then this one was a mystery. I know there are reviews out there saying that it gives a lot of info and little explanations to go with it.  I didn’t find it a problem, I actually like that.  Others are all about explanations and preparation of becoming a witch,meant for those, who don’t know anything about it.  But in terms of actually living it, many end where they ought to start.

This one pretty much hit the nail and I am sure to add and divide what I get from it. I’m not familiar with the god and goddess in it, but reading the year description and the legend, I can’t help but smile – it represent pretty much how I see them myself. Still searching my leaders, but we’ll see :).

It is definitely not a book for the beginner. It doesn’t enter in philosophy of magic, which every new beginner ought to read and get it right or your entire practice will be based on unsteady base, but it does give you quick references if you are out for building something up.

Something new to me too – lots of planetary information here. I have managed to,  sort of, ignore it, following basically the Moon and the Sun and that’s it. I know the hours and I take it in consideration when building a spell, but it’s still foggy.

Some of her herbal side also leaves me weary. Like Black Currant stands for Lord of Shadows, Crone , Wild Hunt and Shadowland. Huh? Linden – immortality, protection and Underworld? HUH? I think I need to explore the background of her beliefs first as old wives tales here talk a whole different story.But I didn’t buy this book to mirror my each though, but to give me something to inspire.

But compared with other books that I’ve had the luck to have, I feel very positive about this one.  No spells! 😀
No, that’s positive side. I was already ready to raise my finger and shake it violently finding some atrocity from that section which would convince me the lack of moral backbone, but there is none.  And there is nowhere more than 2 pages per section where to add your notes. When buying a book, I expect info from it, not empty pages. I want to write down my experiments, I wouldn’t do it in a book one can openly take from the shelf. That part of the magic is private.

Now I can only hope the course book will arrive for the course in time.  Until then, I know what to read.


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