Taevaskoda and foraging updates

What ever I could gather from my surroundings has been cut and dried after sauna and is now waiting a good place of storage. The rest I must get through other means. Looking over my supplies, I also discovered that I have replacements for Dittany the Crete and few others. Bad surprise was that the places I knew to carry myrrh do not list it anymore. I was really hoping for it, but I guess I’ll have to do with the essential oil instead. No biggy, just change in plans.

Orris root proved hard to get, too. The only local shop that carries it belongs to my biology teacher and my heart sinks every time I think on how I’d have to explain that I’m not planning planting it against the winter but instead dry it up and grind it… They know I have leaning towards witchy thing, but I have no heart to tell her I’m taking her well cared plant and do something like that to it. I just can’t. Perhaps in spring, I can get few irises, take one and give the others to mom. But not right now.

Taevaskoda! We went there and I must say – the place and the forests there are amazing beyond words! Gathered some water from there for use, because if there is any magical place in Estonia, this is one of them – it isn’t without a reason the name is House of the Sky. I don’t think I’ll keep it until we need it in the class though, I’m still planning to use freshly gathered rain or snow water (depending where it lands exactly).


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