Gathering for class

I don’t know how many times I can go over this list and still feel like I’m missing something.  Thank you, Tiger for the list of essential oils we’ll need – took a good look at my box and realized I’m only 13 oils short which I would really love to have in my collection plus few bottles to mix them in. But I’m glad I don’t need them before next month, because this month will already take a huge piece of my money pie – books arrive this month and I am still keen on finding the good box/shelves/anything in between to put my things in.

Plus I need to buy orris route if I want it to be ready for day 22. I chopped the acorns few days ago into tiny chunks that I could powder up more easier later on I’m planning to do the same with the barks and wood that I have sitting on my desk. Tonight is sauna, so this would be a good opportunity to get them dry. And a seriously good reason to do some furniture hunting. Something I can seal off with padlock.

Today is also the payday, so… instead of buying myself empty, I’m going home and sleep. I have a monster list of things I need this month, so it’s gonna be one hard thing to plan, but I continue by checking what I’ve got at home already waiting. At least this month’s things needed for the classes are easy to get and fairly cheep. I’ m out of candles and candle holders too.

On Saturday, however, we are taking a trip to Taevaskoja with a friend and sis and babe. I just hope the weather will hold. I remind myself constantly that I need to take some sort of bottle with me to gather the water from the spring. It will be interesting one way or the other.

Also planned today is making chestnut potion. I´ve got nice fresh chesnuts and instruction from youtube. I just hope it works – it makes me super exited :D.


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