de Luain updates

I’ve been so far only talking about my BoS without showing it. Well, there wasn’t much to see either – the book was there, quietly waiting for its time.

The first image is my 3 old books, which weren’t really my BoS as they were often used by others as well.  According to the front they were known as the Red Book, the Black Book and the Rose Book.

The third image is my current BoS, I call it de Luain. Just started calling it so one day and liked it.  It is a very simple handmade binding with real leather. I planned to go for something fancier, but when I got to the artist, I saw it and fell in love. Simple, elegant and stunning. The ribbons I added myself according to the colour sceme – dark green (to match the altar cloth), blue and bright yellows. When its not been written, it sits in black cloth away from peeking eyes.

The second image is a small tool I made for myself to keep the lines in order. As the paper of my book shows through, I made this small grit to help me planning it out. As I can’t add or remove the pages, one has to take extra care to make it pretty :).

The second row is images from inside the book. The first two are Love Oracle. It was the first page I ever made in the book. I didn’t dare to start with the first page, so instead took my courage up with some other page.  Also got the same type of extra pages so I could test out the colours and how much it takes water, etc. The third image is from Rose Book. It’s the pendulum chart I copied and adjusted. Since I first saw the magical books, I’ve had this image of a book that can be used on the spot. Like if you search for a pendulum chart and you find it, you can use it on the spot. Also I’ve never liked indexing my books. When you are forced to search instead a quick look up, you might find other solutions better suited for your need. 🙂

Third row. The images on the edges are from the Red Book, the oldest of mine. I got it from my grandmother, who said the calendar note book was exactly as old as I was. So now I’m feeling like holding it with white gloves, because the pages are pretty worn out and yellow, like old book should look like. It’s why I didn’t bother staining the pages to look older. They will in time :).

The middle image is a close-up of the only beautification de Luain has. A tiny silver owl that sits in the back panel of the book. It is actually a small metallic bookmark and can be removed, but without pulling it, it sits there nicely and it doesn’t bother when turning the pages.

The fourth is just some images to show what the first three have been like so far. de Luain will be full painted manuscript when I’m finished, but the others are sort of notebooks where I can collect the information, so I can choose what to put in de Luain. But I think the trio will always be there to support her as there is a lot what I’m not including in the big book. Nor will the smaller ones have everything that is in the big one. :).

The last row is the wheel of the year from de Luain. The problem I face, when trying to see where the pagan holidays fit in with my regular calendar, is that there really isn’t a problem. But there are many other holidays beside it that I also take in count. For example the holy Mary’s days (there’s plenty of them in our calendar), which itself aren’t really holidays, but which mark certain points in the nature. Like the spring time Mary’s day that indicates the return of the birds and so on. Or St. Martin’s Day or St. Cathrin’s day, which instead are fully pagan holidays and very much celebrated by the entire nation.

So when I thought about it, I made my wheel of the year so that all those holidays that count to my family are in there. As I said before – there’s no reason not to celebrate their holidays along with yours.  The result was slightly odd looking Sun (because its’ a sun year). The middle of the sun is embellished with golden star that show on the edges when the Sabbaths take place. The green and blue rays indicate the full year divided by astrological signs. The tips that reach the outer circle indicate the change of month. Between them you see smaller rays of darker and lighter yellow. These are days – symbolically each of the length is 5 days, 30 days in each.  It’s not meant to be one-on-one with actual calendar, just showing when to expect the next holiday, so I see no problem if the month has one more or few days less. The number in front of the holiday indicates the date in the month the holiday occurs.Under the Sunwheel are some more information on moving holidays and Sabbaths.

I’m just so proud of it right now – took me two days to count and measure and paint.

So yes, this is what it looks until now. Time consuming perhaps, but in the end I hope it will make a nice family treasure that will tell next generation how to follow the traditional path, how to fix it in everything else and when start preparing for the next time so you would have a nice calm year.





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