Bunraku. Yesterday I took the time and got to see it. As it has no plans entering local theatres (come on!), I got it online.

I already knew by the trailer I’d seen on youtube, that it had some of my favorite actors in it, but that was more like fashion show with all them lining up! Only very few missing. Demi Moore, Woody Harrelson, Ron Perlman, Kevin McKidd, Gackt, Yoshi Iizuka, Josh Hartnett… how on earth did they end up there together? How ever it happened, the result was magnificent.

I expected to see an action movie with lots of drama and I got it. With wonderful artistic backgrounds, thoroughly thought through (say this three times fast) color combinations and music so cheerful you were nailed on your seat right from the beginning all the way to the end. And paper – you’ll see it when you watch it.

6,1 is the rating it got in IMDB, I think it’s very unfair, but we all know this is a result of many mingled tastes. I would rather give it strong 8, because there are very few action packed movies out there that start with light mood and go grim black by the end, but very few that manage to keep up the mood until the very end. I was moved, but never so it would take me down. Rather, it made me giggle now and then over the unexpected suttle humor. Like the scene with Bartender serving drinks or watching the two men fight. Or old-western style kicking the sick Pianist to change the tune.

I seriously recommend seeing it on big screen – I don’t know what I’d do for it. All the colors and symbols and characters and cleanliness. It will be wonderful experience. Just don’t expect something down right serious. It is not about that.


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