Silly or joke – neither of them

Here I sit, with glass of nice wine just close by (yes, I’m drinking wine, ladies – if you’re faintish, the smelling salt is on your right) and taking together this week’s most extraordinary learning marathon on topic “how to write about two humped animal in your book without feeling silly or making it into a joke”.

As I mentioned before,  I have been having trouble with this. Sex in my novel, how much sex ought to be and if it even has to be there? The problem is, I already know the answer to the last part and that’s what got me worried. It isn’t quite the topic you can bring up in family friendly forum without getting in trouble and though internet is full of sex, it isn’t really what you want in your books unless you’re writing some over-erotic story, which I’m not.

Sex is natural to any grownup out there. Still, you can not go in forums and start rolling your questions on foreplay, vocabulary, what disgusts people and what turns them on and so on. It’s absolutely normal decision to have these rules, cosnidering the age group that hangs around there, but it still doesn’t take me closer to my goal. Having never written anything like this, I need help.  In real life I can know the bits and tricks, but as in forums, it isn’t really the topic I’d go hunting about around my friends or family either.

So far the bits I’ve written haven’t dealt with much more than touch, emotional package and kissing. And few notes here and there. I don’t want my this novel’s characters to dance around the bush anymore.

Any teachers to take me out and take me to the next level?

Stacia Kane! I thought  I was lost and then the star shined (among the full Moon few days back). I read the book I told you about earlier, but I don’t think it got me as close to learning it as her articles have.  She broke into lots of taboo topics and I think this especially is what makes them so special. I can’t say I support her style in sex scenes, which is OK, but her attitude gave me a change in mine.  “Remember, a sex scene is just a scene, only with naughtyparts. Think about what you want this scene to say about your characters and get it on page.”

I still have the last article to go through, but I think this workshop came like manna from heaven. I really recommend reading her blog and the collection of her articles on “Be A Sex-Writing Strumpet”. It doesn’t give you much help on what to write, but it gives you back the confidence to do it.




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