Many ideas too little time

It’s back to work day! I’m not sure if to be happy or cry for lack of time or because the party season is in full bloom. Unfortunately. First complaint, first warnings sent out.

I am officially asthmatic now. Bought my first inhalator and will have to work out schedule to take it twice a day. Doctor thinks it is still caused by the pneumonia I had in February. Doesn’t matter – as long as it helps and will take it down so I can get back to doing physical labor without coughing to oblivion, it will be fine. Another thing I didn’t think would cause it was my endlessly bothersome stomach. Apparently this can be one of the causes, too.

How do you choose one idea out of many? Or projects? Few years back I think I mentioned that I discovered the Japanese ball jointed dolls? I wanted to make one, considering the price they ask is enormous (though I can fully relate to the reasons why it is so), but also because they are not selling the kind anymore that I liked so much. The SD 17 (??). Back then the SD 17 was only been developed, so I never saw the actual doll (got caught up with life), but two days ago, the idea like rise from the dead again and I searched the web again. The price is still salty beyond anything and now the doll is not on the market anymore. Considering my options and time available, I think it will wait few more years. Until I either have too big need to actually go and do it or until I don’t have to put money aside for anything else but for that doll. With wigs and stuff – 1000 dollars??? Um…. I rather make my own. What on earth is stone clay?

Which reminds me that I’m still painting the book pages. When I get the time. I still collect the info though and one day I will have it, nice and done.

You know, this “I’ll do it in my spare time” is like an awful joke at our place. I mostly work and sleep and that’s about it. After I finally got around my books I discovered that I’ve got 10 books still waiting to be read. I did manage to read the first chapter of the series I ordered while sitting with Madli. I feel deprived of literature and it’s nasty.


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