Brewing continues

Made another brew. I did it actually last week, but with accommodating 180 American Christians for 2 nights, I had my hands full. Because, as it turned out after they had left, from all our 5 regular desk workers, I happened to be the only one, who actually dealt with them. So, I had my work cut out for me.

We had spent two days harvesting all the red and black currents from our land and raspberries and anything that could be turned into juice. We had much more black currants than we expected, which was a surprise considering the whaling wind-like monster dog, who just HAD to go hunting running through the abundant leafage. Not to mention the bird herds that couldn’t resist the temptation. We ended up with around 60 liters of juice, which will cover our winter need perfectly. Also put the home wine going, so if it works out, the result should be sweet table wine.

Ok, back to the brew. When harvesting the raspberries, I saw new nettle sticking its head out, nice pure fresh nettle. Dad often mows the grass there, so I wasn’t expecting to find any. But there it was, so I got myself another bowl and filled that with nettle. Then I searched the ways to keep it for winter. I didn’t want to dry it, because I often over dry them and I think I rather get my herbs from people, who know how. I often enjoy my nettle as a tea. Nettle in honey? Everybody knows though that honey and iron don’t mix well. So that was out. That gave me a good reason to search out the home remedy book I had bought last year, The Herbal Medicine-Maker’s Handbook: A Home Manual. It said it would work nice as a syrup, so off I went and exactly that I made. Took 10 minutes and I bottled myself a nice bottle of wonderfully tasting syrup. Taste, um, is dependant on the person, I’d say – I adore nettle tea, but my other family members are not so keen on the taste.

Stinging nettle or common nettle, Urtica dioica is the one I use. I thought I mention this because of the White Archangel (???) that I know is often used. We used to pick the blossoms of White Archangel when were kids and suck the juice from it. Wikipedia has quite an article on why the stinging nettle is good for, though it does leave a lot out. I like the refreshing drink made of syrup and sparkling water and will try it out.

Tatting and reading anything interesting is banned for 2 weeks. I must get back on line with my studies and finish my homework or I will have no point of putting out the huge amount of money again.


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