AHAA centre

I saw an old „friend“ on the trip to the town today. It’s odd how it stirred up old feelings I had long put to sleep. Oddly she kept hiding her eyes while we chat with a friend of me and my sister’s, who happen to work there too. Doesn’t matter, it will pass in few days, I’m sure of it. Yet the feeling is just as sick inside as it was back then, but thankfully it’s just a memory now.

Went to AHAA centre yesterday with sis and niece! She is adorable! The price was horrifically huge and being already bit tired, she got scared a bit too. But out of all the attractions out there, she chose out the most delightful one – green chair at the corners of the rooms. Fantastic things – very comfortable to sit in and if she rose her petunia off the fabric, she went flying towards the floor. The image of her giggling like crazy, going back up on the chair, is still in my head. The other one that she adored to no end was a sort of Chinese room that messed up your senses. It was enough for me with one try, but she went back four times and so fast that sis had trouble catching her. We’re definitely going back.


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