The dream started with me standing on a bridge close to Riverside Konsum. It was sunny evening. Out of the blue we heard sounds and screaming coming from the hill top and when we looked towards them we saw as if clouds had twisted into thread and were connecting earth to the sky. It came towards us with monstrous power sweeping the land clear. Somebody yelled us to get close to the old stone wall close by and we did. Thank God we did – others were carried off to the river and they drowned. The wind broke off moments after it hit the wall. But the sinking feeling of having something like that around here was terrible.

Second time was us waiting for them to arrive.  We knew now that if conditions were right, we could see them at any time we wanted or plan to go see them. The new aberration had turned into wonderful thing to see with your kids.

We were on one of those experience trips and we had just climbed up to a huge watchtower. It towered over the forest by miles and it was awfully windy too.  But it gave a great view over the fields and how the tornadoes went pass. It felt so safe from tornadoes. Others were eating there some junk foods, so was I, until I looked down to the previous level and saw no way to climb down. It freaked me so out that I pushed myself against the tower pole (in the middle) and screamed. I watched others jump down with no effort, but I just couldn’t do it. Until someone pushed me or I jumped myself (though the image in my head was broken legs), but there I was. Back on the ground.

Then the yelling started again that one is coming and they wanted us to climb back up. But I knew it was too late. I pulled myself around the middle post with my belt and not a second too soon as the tornado swiped over us. Odd it was how they seemed so harmless from far, but how it turned into sheer panic when you got in the middle of them.  Moment later it was all sunny and light again and everybody were having picnic.

That moment I woke up.


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