What do they actually want?

!!! M-rating all the way! Mature eyes only!

“What would this guy’s actual fantasy be? What would he not ask his girlfriend do and he would ask this woman to do? What is the biggest taboo for the character? For a man? His anus!”

 Though the subject is raunchy on first glimpse, I can do nothing but recommend the documentary where it came from – Indie Sex . I was intimidated at first, thinking on what sort of porn did I end up getting now? It turned out to be far more educational than one would expect. What I liked the most was that the ones talking were people closely related to the movies brought for examples and there was more then once when I felt my jaw drop in surprise. Topics they talked about were nicely explained and if you sat through it all, you found nothing obscene to be shocked about.

But as a writer, you’’ find plenty to think about.

What I found particularly interesting was how sexuality had changed over the years. There were parts in movies made in 1910s that showed what one would never expect to see from that era. The freedom far beyond what we can enjoy today. At first I thought it odd, listening them continuing the talk on censorship and how the 70s seemed like new beginning in sexual freedom. But the point they got to was that the freedom we think we have now is a mere illusion. There have never been more rules on topics, situations, explicitness you can have on the screen. I’ve seen similar lists for writers too – either follow them or stay unpublished. That includes the erotic literature on which we’d expect to have fewer boundaries. Yet we forget that with the amount of accessible information these days, we need those walls to exist and though the explicit sex movie makers (and I’m not talking about porn industry) did rant over the horror of having to cut down the scenes, they were openly supportive for the rating system to exist. After all – we all have kids and the last you need is wrong image on sex on early age.

The wrong image on sex. This was one of their subjects too. We think our children are too young to see movies that would be too liberal compared with the rest on the market. Yet every one interviewed mentioned one moment or the other how young they were when they saw those movies and how that changed them. Educated them to certain level I’m sure.

Taboos. And THAT’s where I get to my first quote. I’m currently digging in my own characters and learning what makes them tick. It came like revelation, watching him say the words and the situation that grew out of it.

And then I spent the next two hours cleaning the storage of dry food with that 15 second long question rally stuck in my head. What is the fantasy that would drive my characters just as crazy? What would be their biggest taboos? And how much of it could I put in the book and get away with it?


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