Some local news

I separated my writing entries from the regular ranting into new blog. I decided to take part a so-called blog tour, where you can write on given topic of the month and others read it and comment it. Hopefully.

Saw an odd, but utterly sweet dream, which I blogged into the dream blog.

Few days ago I had one of the tastiest coffees I have ever had – a wonderful Italian ice coffee dream called Iglu. Like having a coffee in form of a smooth foam of ice cream. Just thinking on it makes my saliva want it.

It’s heavily raining outside and a young man is practicing his guitar in the end of the hall. It actually reminds me of my old story I wrote few years back. The dark deep colored clouds sweeping over us, revealing tints of summer night sky. And it makes me dreamy.

Art loving friend!

To those, who have problems with mosquitos: eucalypt essential oil is fantastic to keep them away – add few drops to small bottle of water in spray bottle and enjoy. Also lemon grass essential oil diluted with almond oil or grape seed oil that has sit with cinnamon peal for a while. Both will also take down the red bites and itch. SImpler cure for this is half a spoonful of cooking soda per glass of water – mix and apply.


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