Lesbian before lesbians were lesbians

!!! M-rating all the way! Mature eyes only!

The headline is from Writer’s House page, which seemed most suited for the task.

I have a problem with one of my story. If it was a simple one, I wouldn’t be hassling here about it.

My problem is: how to put two mid-forties gentlemen in Boston marriage (I’d rather use the term friendship, so… bromance? But there will be sexual interest in game, so… no?) so it would play out as such and not homosexual relationship as it would look like; and they have no homo social biases beforehand.

No, it’s not a joke – it’s a serious problem.  

It wouldn’t be a problem, if I hadn’t got these odd principles towards my characters. One is, when I create a character, I can’t change what I’ve already worked out. I can add to them, but not take away something and then feel like there would be something missing.

I believe that when I create a character, I do it according to the genre I’m writing for. It’s a full deal – according to your need, you adjust your mind to work for the specific task and thus create the image in your head that suits, plus characteristics, the way they interact, and so. Like if you’d write for or based anime, then the images you have for the characters are anime images (including the boned look, green hair and pointy chin) and their language would reflect what you know would be good. If you write for a movie, you’d feel better writing by how it would look rather than what they feel.

It’s not a fist rule, but that’s pretty much as it is. So if you want to write a good character-based book, don’t do it by imagining anime characters. They won’t hold up the pressure for enough details and would mostly be flat for satisfying descriptions. You need someone, who can be looked at any side and corner.

As I mostly like writing modern (though it does include some tries on historical, sci-fi, etc), I like imagining all my stories taking place in one county. Then you’d be like a visitor there, learning about them and discovering new aspects about someone and moving on to the next house.

After reading punch of articles and books about characters and discovering what it really CAN be, I’ve taken on some social experimenting (anthropology talking here). Not something big, insulting or disturbing to anyone. Just tried to play with the question “what if?”. I don’t write fanfiction when writing based on the experiment.

Social experimenting in the sauce of writing.

It’s basically a way to learn to mix reality into your writing. Some do it unconsciously, others need to learn, and the result is you gain better understanding of first impression, learn describing people and places better.
The idea is that you go outside and take a walk. On that journey you’ll meet people and see glimpses into houses, gardens, etc. When you see them, study them for a moment (not so it would make them feel uncomfortable).
Ask yourself questions when watching them. Like, if the man has shaking hands, why? Old man? Perhaps it’s because of his age. If young, perhaps his shocked, is sick, is tired. Nerves? Perhaps he is muscular – what kind of muscles? Are they evenly shaped? Is it on lower parts of hands or upper?  Does it look like they are handling weights?
If you see a young woman with a child – is their father with them? Is she restrained with the kid? Where do they come from?
A standard garden or flat. What is the first thing you notice? Odd colour light? Does it come from the ceiling light’s green cover? Are there people in there? What are they doing? Grilling meat? Sunbathing? Studying?
Now go home and write down what you discovered, putting yourself in the position of any of the people you met or saw.
Simple? Try it. Solving the uprising problems will grow you as a writer.

As I haven’t done it for few months, I thought, why not and went for it. And now I have two characters and a big problem. It wouldn’t be such a big plot bunny if I’d give them such characteristics to begin with, but that wouldn’t be far as interesting and would go against the idea of the experiment. So how should I proceed?

I don’t want to empathise on homosexuality as though centre idea, that isn’t quite the idea here.Boston marriage would be good then? That’s also not exactly what I’m seeking, but would describe it better.

So how do you make a homosexual?


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