The cook and empty bowl

Before I start I should mention you shouldn’t take it serious. Seriously – it was just a dream.

 So. I was in sort of Asian restaurant, still waiting for my lunch, I went to search for it. I kept hearing people whining over the taste of the food. It was very hot and I just wanted to know, where it was. I saw a middle age lady come from cellar, playing with dough. Lady with red silk costume and full cheeks. She was the cook I presume.

She told the waiter and me that what I had ordered was out, but she assured me they still had the other part of my order. I shrugged and said I was ok with it.

We continued chatting until out of the blue from the back table stood up Tanel Padar, held up his gun in the holster (never taking it out – nice, light skin thing), pointed it at the guests in other tables, scaring them to death and yelled over the tables: “If the taste isn’t getting better, I will shoot you!”.

Then he came towards us. Meanwhile I had hoisted myself on the counter and had put my legs somewhere on the side. I found the whole jest to be very childish and mentioned it to him too. “That was very unnecessary.”

On that he put the holster on the table in front of me and with proud smugly smile he took the gun out. I don’t know if it was to scare me, but I looked at the gun and agreed.

“Nice gun!”

He looked at me for a moment and then started on what kind of gun he really wanted and I commented on it.

Suddenly I smelt something burning and whispered to the cook. “Something is burning.”

She disappeared in a second and I turned to continue talking, when suddenly I woke up.


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