Pentagon, pentagram and viiskand

How to draw pentagon in wikipedia In Estonian we have much lovelier name for it: Viiskand. I preferred the name myself as it makes sense – the five foot that stand on five heels.

 One version, where the name might have come from would be that the magic tree (rowan) has star in the middle of its berries. Though I carry pentagram with me for quite some time now (around a year I think?), I still keep thinking about what it is and what it is about, what it represents.

 If you look it on Nature’s perspective, I have no problem with understanding its power. The Rosaceae family blossoms are all with 5 basic petals and in the end of the season the fruit holds a star, there are animals that have it “written” in them, the star themselves, the crystals…

 It’s also the star of the Morning star, Venus.

In architecture it’s the wonder of uneven numbers that make it stand out – like three legged stool, the five legged table will also stand. I’m also in love with hexagon structure, but we aren’t here to talk about that. I do like though when the basic numbers are used in architecture (and there are far more numbers of base plans than Pentagon inWashington).

 There are also five Platonic solids, which in a way, is magic itself.

 Talking of historical knowledge. The reason, why I fell for the pentagram is of a history book of Medieval times. I read it first in 6th grade (preparing for history Olympics) and there was an example of how a session by a teacher and the student might look like. In there they discussed over what man is. The student asked and the teacher answered.
“Who is a man?”
“Man is like an apple. It buds, it blossoms, grows fruit and falls back down.”
Simple, but effective. In the middle of the apple there is the star – the head, the hands, legs and body in the middle. So the apple, the pentagram is really a man. The seeds show the remarkable notion that the fruit grows from legs and hands and head, that those are the body parts that will grow your food.

 Which brings me to mention that here you go, all nice religious people, who you think people wear symbols only because they belong to some religion – I chose mine over an excerpt in a book and apple tree in my back garden.

 There are psychic testing cards developed by dr Karl Zener that have five basic symbols.,%20Dr.%20Karl.html I’ve tried these cards few times – they aren’t hard to make, but I think I have no powers in that field than guessing. It is being called fraud several times and I tend to agree. Not in extent explained in the article (I think it’s still a good way to test yourself), but in general I find it still unacceptable to land a sign on someone using only this test. Those things don’t work that way. Though not all-thumbs-up-person, who tends to take this by grain of salt, I believe there are few genuine out there too.

 The elements. That’s the point that most bothers me now. In western tradition you have four elements assigned to the star plus the soul, ether, the knowing. Or how ever someone defines it. If you are on Southern hemisphere, it is all turned upside down. That’s all nice.
In Eastern tradition, the elements are all assigned to the star and they interact and the soul, the knowledge is in the middle, touched by them all. Though I like the western version well, my heart holds dear the eastern pentagram. That there are five elements like in Chinese tradition, feng shui. It does make sense to some extent – leave the selling appeal aside and there is some that one could learn from it. So if I’d take my pentagram in hand, I’d call it with them, placing the void, the soul in the middle. I feel something missing when I think about elements and leave wood out. It might be my early age when I learned of the difference and the Chinese elements, but I’m planning to stick with it.

 Once being angry over an argument over why I wore the symbol and how could I wore it if I was obviously acting like Christian, I blurted that even if I was a Christian, I would rather wear this than cross. For some freak reason I can’t wear crosses. Few times over long time and even those must not have cross alone, but some other shape with it. Cross itself makes me so ill inside I have to hide it in a box. Even when I was searching Christianity I couldn’t wear it. During that dreadful event, which seriously ruined my mood, I wasn’t so much taken by the fact that he didn’t like me wearing it, but by the fact that common human qualities are considered Christian, while they seem to have this conception that outside that religion those things don’t exist. It was appalling – how can there still be people like that? Where on earth do they live? YOUR RELIGION DOES NOT MAKE YOU A BETTER PERSON IF YOU DON’T HAVE COMMON DICENCY, ETHICAL INTEGRITY OR MORALITY. YOUR RELIGION DOES NOT DEFINE YOU! YOU DEFINE YOUR RELIGION!

People tend to forget that when they think they must in any cause turn you into their religion. If you call me names or curse me (and I’m surprised how much Christians do that – I curse you in the name of the Lord!), it shows me the education you get from your home and your community and it does not bring me any closer liking you or what you represent. THE GOLDEN RULE! and you can get by anywhere, anytime.

 On the same note I must say I’ve met great people, fantastic Christians, who really do honor to their religion and to themselves. I’m not against any religion, to me it’s just one puzzle piece that makes you who you are, but that doesn’t stop me getting angry at personal account. Don’t try to push me, make me feel less for what I am not or force your thoughts on me and we’ll get along fine and can converse on many interesting topics. It’s petty to think that my anger immediately means I’m against the whole thing. No black and white out there, darlings, it’s all about hues.  

 Back to that morning. So, he was angry at me, because he thought I was hiding myself from God behind the wrong religion (don’t get me started on that theology – unless you study theology, I fear you’d loose). He pointed immediately out that I was wearing pentagram, thus I am… jadajadajada. Being already touchy on the topic of other people putting words in my mouth or labeling me to things I’m not, I told him to explain me then, what it symbolizes to me if he already knew so much of me. The usual dun load. So I took my pentagram, passed the desecrations of letting other touch it thing (suggested by him, after he ha! Eagerly grabbed it – I felt slightly sad having to educate him the difference about movies and reality), then sat him down and explained him, on my pentagram, the story of the Garden of Eden and the pact placed between Father, Son and the Holy Ghost and Man and Woman and added that this is one of the reasons I carry it around, because it reminds me the first pact made between humans and god in the Garden of Eden. Ullalaa! His voice faded.

 The reasons we wear pentagrams differ, but the one thing is clear – they are part of us. I don’t wear mine, because I want to belong to something greater, but because this symbol makes sense to me in more levels than I can think out in an hour that takes me to write this entry and because it is literally part of me. And it’s like walking BoS – most things I believe in I can trace back to this.


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