So I went and did another exam on Medieval times. I spent 2 days rechecking things and yet, when sitting across the table, watching him sip his coffee (aromatic Nescafe hovering all over), I went blank. I didn’t even know simple things like where historians can get the information about people’s numbers or the edict of Hanseatic League! And I spent few days being a tour guide during Hanseatic Days! Come on! Who are you?!? Why can’t I even remember the simple stuff?!? You aren’t even a monster as I’ve been hearing! Just a teacher, sipping your darn coffee and having a laugh! And I sit there, head empty, thinking only “Oh my God, I did it again!”

The worst part is I still plan to ask him to supervise my bachelor theses, cause I love Medieval times. Call up the humiliation squad – I need a recheck on my brain. *Just imagine me sitting here in the darkness of my room, laughing like crazy. It smells here nice, too – lilies of the valleys and daffodils and tulips… *

As I’m already daffed and need an evening off, I decided to watch a movie. And ended up choosing something from my old time favorite themes – Beauty and the Beast. Unfortunately, the movie I happened to pick up proved to be the worst ever movie on the line. Imagine this: Belle, glad in seriously short shirt covered with leather corset, which badly implies to her huge shoulders making her look like running footballer. Now I should mention there isn’t any skirt to go with the shirt and in few “lucky” scenes you can see her black nickers. Yet everybody around her are dressed almost… normal. Except the evil witch, who has earned the worst wardrobe made of materials so full of static they just adore the pretty body. Which is so much lovelier than Belle’s.

What about the Beast? Yet again we turn back the time to this wonder times, where being ugly like a troll (they had one!) also includes retarded way of thinking and communicating. I ask why? If I’d met a monster like that and it’ talked with me like that I’d find it hard to fall for someone like that. Not because they’d be odd-looking, but I think instead of a hot sense of finding a lover the gibberish talk would bring my maternal instincts to kick in. Also, the ending prince? I had serious wish to cry for the comics I happened on year back – “Change back!”


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