When I need proof why keep men around at all

I may sound cynical now and then, when talking about male half of our species, but generally I like them. Only I need a good proof now and then, why I would ever wish to make my life harder by having one around.

There were times, when dreaming about a perfect specimen of a man meant for me someone, who could comfort and give consult, someone with the ability to be a partner. Oddly, my image of a great man hasn’t changed much since. Scientists would come up with saying that my image is based of my own father. Sadly, dears – he is not.

Why? Because he managed to yet again (!) start his moral crusade to make things better in this world. And how did he end up? By embarrassing us and damaging one relationship that was finally showing signs of working out. And I’m back to wondering if I ever wish to play the game and find myself any husband at all. Especially when they repeatedly say that I’ll probably do it by choosing someone similar.


In a way I think he already has. I’m so into searching someone, who isn’t like him that I rather keep away than end up breaking up with someone, who shows same mistakes he has. And I will break up. Because I don’t wish to slave another man like him. Principles my ass – if your idiotic view of the world is hurting so many there should shine a sign in your head that perhaps you’ve got it wrong. But no! He is never wrong and others suffer.

And  I still blame females on the mistake. Mothers, who raise their kids based on belief that they are the best in the world. Mothers, who always side with their kids, even though they are making others lives a living hell. Fathers, who give on values, that should have died with their own fathers.

But as women are the most influential in child’s life: Granny I never knew – listen well! I blame YOU for raising an idiot and bully!


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