Complaint about message?

As if nights weren’t dark enough I happened to open my e-mail inbox and read the following “complaint”:


We’ve just received a notification from Hotmail informing us that an email that we sent you has been marked as Spam or Junk Mail. Due to the terms of our email licensing agreement, we must disable your account or Hotmail will prevent us from sending emails to other users. If this was done by mistake, please let us know and we’ll be happy to re-enable your account for you.
Warm regards,
Um, am I the only one in the world that uses Junk box to sort her e-mails? Like if you receive 50 “updates” on games while only about 10 e-mails related your real life per day, you would like to make your life slightly easier and send the common“you received a *insert thing here* from *insert name here*” to junk mail as you hardly ever read them anyway as you’d rather click all the request right on the homepage.
Now I receive this mail as if I’d done something horrific and must suffer accordingly…
Now-now, no need to rush here, right? Lets take another look on the matter – hotmail is sending out information about my actions on my e-mails. How well does that make you feel? I’m no virgin when it comes to internet and paranoia under which we are constantly observed by more “moral” people, who “feel the need” to snoop around in order to “keep nations safe”, but it still kicks your mental ass when reading messages like that. Who is watching now? Why do they need to know if I’ve lost interest in gardening planning? Am I now branded for being someone I’m not?
Freedom of speech, anyone? I feel the need to ease the minds of rightful thinkers, who so restlessly fight for it, that there is no such thing really. There are even lists of taboo topics for internet!

– A negative attitude – that explains why when speaking with people it always feels like their on a hiding roll and whatever you ask or say, you always receive the response: “You can do whatever you want.” Only you’re not getting a straight answer. Ever. At the same time I stumble on a conversation where one is complaining over how they had to go a mile to be polite and not to insult another man, who just boiled over, because of those half-hearted responses with hidden meanings. I know from heart that I tend to avoid such people, because they are often so two-faced they can screw you without you really knowing it.

– Sport – good reason for fighting since the beginning of times. Only now you just get banned and feel like a freak should you be fan for some specific sport. People put too much importance to sports.  What is the first rule of any game? Have fun! Fans? Understand what it is – a game! Seriously – it’s a game!

– Religion – I love the freedom of speech when it comes to this. You are allowed any comment, only be prepared being banned and targeted by various religious movements, who feel you need a serious make-over (because they are so hip and modern right now). I’ve seen more people being fired over this than anything else. Why?
On the other hand I totally get it. In my stupidity I was searching game-friends and ended up getting about a tozen, whose main idea of friends list was dumping christian messages on daily basis and sharing the good news, always with little note to pass it on if you’re real christian. Are you serious? Instead of all the things you can do to show, who you are, you spend your days spamming my message board! I felt ashamed to be dealing with such people and I deleted them. Be Christian or not, but pressing your religion on others is never good. I may enjoy good religious debate, agree with half what you keep dear, give you new perspective on other matters, but I do not tolerate being harassed like that.

– Sex – The most selling thing on net, which I humbly say that is indeed overcooked, but at the same time teens ask questions on net like “do I get pregnant if I had online-sex with a girl from another state?”. Does that not bring up the problem that aside of all the adult industry blooming here we have forgot to explain to our kids how the world really goes around and what makes our speaces survive or why you have the urges that you have? Since sex has become a taboo, the reality has gone down hill and we have increasing population, who don’t relate sex to reality outside porn industry. It’s sad.

– Politics – How else do you find out that the man leading your country is actually collecting his personal fortune? Or the moral fighter is keeping a six year old in their basement for underage sex? If you do have an opinnion on this and you are afraid to say it out, how do you think this would change? I study history and I am a writer at heart – have you any idea how hard it is to collect information? Say “death camp” and people run – and runners are those who have had no connection with the topic at all! I want to learn about it so I would get a truthful picture on what went on and what people felt and how reacted and what caused it, not start one of my own. You know the saying “the forbidden fruit is sweeter”? After I studied my full I understood what it is and I feel much better, knowing that my information is not based on someone’s fear, but on facts.

Keep it to fun, family and food and add some really valuable content and your Facebook account will soon become a lead attraction magnet.”

Honestly, we are afraid of police state that is monitoring our every move – too late, friends, we are already living it. Yet we are closing our eyes to actually see it.


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