Fears of the ending world

I am an odd person when it comes to fearing something. Spiders are cute to me and monsters rise idiotic interest on what makes them tick. Fear of the world ending isn’t very horrific either and most times I find it amusing to watch the stories roll out – all those dates and threats of upcoming end are as good as water to my well. They are lovely to pick on and interesting to study, but that’s quite it.

Lovely random fact: as I’m writing this, we are experiencing the alignment of 6 planets! I’m so excited! After reading about it so often, it’s actually fantastic to experience this!

 Still, I can’t say this fear hasn’t crossed my heart now and then. Usually it was after some odd dream in which the world was switched off by some elementary force. They didn’t make me more religious though or force me change to cope with it. I prefer such event to take us out – killed by a monster rock from space or something that literally blasts you out. No survival to anyone. A bliss in disguise.

 Then NASA announced this: Solar Activity Heats Up. Not really new information, but being slightly edgy on my own close future, it sort of hit the core. I think it was the type of catastrophe that gave me chills. I don’t recommend reading such news during the night either- it only adds to your emotional package.

I consider it a good version when the whole world gets blast to pieces and there would be very few to live with consequences. Giving my rate of luck, I’d say my family wouldn’t have to worry at that case as what ever scenario I’ve seen or read, our tiny land is always chilled to minus 30 degrees. I’m sorry if I give you a lovely freezing smile and say that you wouldn’t believe how well food is preserved on such conditions – I just find it utmost laughable when people in south think this ought to wipe us out. It won’t. But it will give us some hard times and probably we’d have to reduce back to crops that were normal around here during the last ice age and it wouldn’t be surprising if we’d have to take foraging more serious than we do now. I love living behind God’s back!

Little worse is when the whole population is cut off from resources, yet nobody really dies. You don’t need zombie catastrophe to feel the tension here. We hit 7 billion of us on Earth this year alone. Most of our sources are tied to our energy, communication and traveling and how it all combines together. Now, take this all away and wave to common sense. You get huge number of people, who have never seen life different than that, whose only survival skills come from shooting games. If people like that start roaming the near by areas, then that’s where we’ll really be in trouble. Read any war time literature and you’ll get the picture pretty fast. Add to this the modern inventions that create catastrophe should they be cut off from electricity (water dams, nuclear plants, water supply…) and guns people own. That knowledge on its own gave me assurance that I do NOT want to live inAmericawhere nerves are extended by gun barrel.

Right now the second scenario is more probable and it keeps me on my toes thinking on it. So I couldn’t help it, but think through my own options and risks and which of the possible futures I’d be willing to sacrifice should I make decision. In short – I indulged my loony part of brain.

One always worries about their family’s well-being when disaster strikes. That’s normal. I’d probably be someone, who’d collect myself salt and sugar and spices and flour. Most of the other stuff would be manageable I guess, but these are the bases of food preservation. Plus missing salt and sugar from your system can result in diseases you don’t wish to see or go through.

Then comes the size of your household. It was normal that you had your close relatives live with you. I consider it normal too, though it would be harder, but it’s normal and that’s it. My grandparents live far from us and the second part of our family is close to them, so I’m not so worried over them. But I have a sister and her daughter and I think they should be close to us no matter what my father thinks. She is my twin sister, my blood and second half and I don’t care – if something is off in the world, I want them close, under my eyes. I’d probably go nuts trying to find them the rest of my life otherwise.

But perhaps I should pursue my own home instead and start preparing little sanctuary? Yeeeh! That is my wildest idea so far. On one side it would be interesting and easier to live with parents, but to be honest, I don’t think that piece of land would feed us all should we be reduced to live on land.
So where should it be, that sanctuary?
On city’ edge! No way. There you are still connected with town’s water and sewage system and thus good healthy water will soon be sick joke.

Far edge county? That has better ring to it. But here rises the question of one’s safety. As I mentioned earlier, when gun-heroes go roaming, simple people are hiding. Keeps them alive much longer. I would have to go far away from my own home often to foraging and making fire wood and so on. During that time I’d have no protection on the land while I’m away. So I’d have to think through carefully where I’d keep my supplies, my animals…

Information stuck in the computers. I’m one of those, who own my library on hard drives. Not to mention my own work and the rest of the punch, including my divination research. Loosing energy (though I do believe it might be temporary, still long enough to create panic) is problematic in such case as naturally it means I’d loose all my information and thus my connection to what makes me tick. As I wasn’t brought up learning my skills from granny, I do need lots of references. I don’t want to loose that at all. They aren’t some fluffy bunny books either. I guess I’ll just to have to go through them and print out what I need or want to have with me.

Ok, that’s all very nice, but what if you need to run? Hide? What would you take with you?

That’s like asking alcoholic to drink one cup per month. It’s classical question so everybody should be prepared for the answer and knows what they will take. Every time I think about it, I feel like those sent toSiberiawith only one bag of their personal belongings and in my heart I know how it hurts. I don’t think about living creatures right now, because that decision hurts no matter what I’ll end up with. But of my belongings? If I’d had one big bag and asked to take only one or two things that have sentimental value, what would I take?

1.      Luain. It’s huge though – A4 in size. That’s its only minus. I actually have around 3 self-written notebooks that contain my divination system collections which would be really hard to carry around. Installed into one can actually be the answer here. One thing is sure – I am not leaving this behind as the knowledge I have in there is not as replaceable as it appears. Other carry Bibles, I save the knowledge otherwise lost. Need to find a way to keep it as safe from environment as possible. Also, the last page should contain some sort of references to other possible languages to translate ours.

2.      My Goddess tarot or my Universal Fantasy tarot. Either one of them I have close by. Hmm, which reminds me I was out to search a good pouch I could carry on a belt. Irrational perhaps, but I’m not leaving this behind either. Such belt is a must have as you can carry quite amount in small pouches attached to your sides. Knife, sewing kit, wax covered matches, compass…

I haven’t thought much further, but I know that if I’m to flee, the most important is my family, then my animals (you can think once if I’m leaving them behind willingly), things to assure my survival, Luain and after that everything else. Writings will stay behind, Mõmmik will stay behind (probably if given a chance, I’ll find a good strong box and burry it somewhere and make sure I know where so to come and get it given the chance or if gods are willing, it will come with us).

Whatever the outcome, I know that if possible, I rather find myself a place to stay and balance my chances to survive on that. And make sure the only way to my supplies is only known to me.


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