Heaven sent

How open-minded should I be? It wasn’t asked from me, but the question was intriguing never the less.

The problem rose from an innocent religious forum under the chapter Paganism. It is general idea that all the folks related even slightest to pagan belief should keep open mind and open love for everything surrounding them and thus should accept all that’s out there.

For example I don’t follow Celtic wicca, because I don’t think it’s for me. It’s nice to have all the symbolism and earthly ways, but I don’t feel home between that at all. So I just don’t follow it. Doesn’t mean I don’t respect others, who do follow it, but I won’t get involved with it.

The other thing that leaves me rather cold is astrology. I do believe it’s important in many ways, like following the year and gaining better results, but I see no value for it when people follow horoscope for example. I think my brother is the one to blame here, his simple sighful statement on some foggy evening: “Just think – all the stars and the planets lined up millions of years just to tell you what’s gonna happen with you right now!”
It might have insulted some, but as I wasn’t very interested in it in the first place, it made me laugh. I don’t even read horoscope from the paper and avoid it. I believe if you find out something about your day or the next day than you like it or not, you will lead your actions so that in the end you do exactly what it says in that 4 line column. It’s called autosuggestion.

Now that I think about it, it turns out that it’s Schultz, whom I blame that understanding. I was 14 when I read about self-suggestion and I must say it changed a lot how I view the world or my religious concepts and it made me understand how easily one can take on beliefs that are put on them by others and how one thought can affect our lives so much that you go and do exactly what you are lead to do. Schultz meant more self-help, I know, but mix it with my other huge crush, Jung, and you get one hell of compost to any religious belief out in the world.

I think how much you want it, if you are open-minded in sense that you know about the other beliefs and respect them, it is good, but if you try to add all of it to your belief without really filtering anything, then it will make you only look twofaced. Call me hypocrite, but I say no. You do not have to be open to everything – if you don’t feel it’s the right way, don’t follow it. Learn, but think hard if you need it or want it.


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