Chaos and order

I went to see a play yesterday. I hadn’t quite planned to go, but mom said it would make a good thing to do as dad and brother had just this morning gone on a canoe trip and weren’t up for it anymore. So I went and must say it was much better than I’d hoped for. It was called “Chaos” and performed by 3 actresses. They went to see “Panic” with co-workers earlier, but I was absolutely against going. I just didn’t feel like watching 3 men prove to other men in a play how they discover the real world. Been living in one for quite a while and can’t think of any good way out.

I did go see “Chaos”, which as I understand was the response to the men’s show. I had slight fear in heart that it was going to be quite the same really, with flag of femininity raging in the wind and anger against the men shoved deep in the chest of the viewers. Though that aimed to be true, I actually liked it. It wasn’t splashed raw to your face, but the signs were there, yet it kept you nicely sitting on and seeing the whole show and it was good.

Visual side of it was fantastic. Very simplistic, with few props, silly (if not even improper) music and little X marking the spot where the spotlight was aiming. There they stood and explained their situation and the actions they didn’t play out (“…which brought up the following chain of events…” – that was actually brilliant).

I’d describe the acting with cheer. There weren’t other actors, so they played men too. Like the split emotional man. They played it out nicely and even managed to squeeze a laugh out of the viewers.

But I’m not going to give you all the good parts – one has to see it in action to see the beauty and charm the trio echoed. With their lovely little black dresses and endless legs.

 Note for myself: had a dashing idea the other day. As most divination systems have similarities in their responses, I wondered what would happen if I’d mix them up. If I’d take the tarot as base and find similarities between the systems that use casting and having fixed results (in today’s sense), for example, the runes, witch runes (they are different), I ching, the usual playing cards, ogham etc. just for the fun and see the basics of how they go together and if they go together.

The truth is that I want (after trying it out over and over again) to have somewhat endless book of ideas (like ever get bored in that field!) to use for my writings and see the system behind the system. I still don’t feel 100 percent sure when using the cards I use for divination. It just don’t go well together, like playing with the cards and to me they are not meant for this.

What can I do then? I don’t want another deck to sit in my basket just because I wanted one just for that purpose. All I’ve bought for such purpose end up being my most beloved decks I’ve had. Neither have I found something that would be modern enough yet not related to some specific aspect of ourselves, easy to use for any aspect of the story. I don’t want some self-made cards either where the material is bad or the backside gives away what the card is. So… I searched for slightly different stuff and found blank deck in size of taro cards, with printed background. We’ll see how that works out J


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