Watched a weepy-whee

King Kong Hunters by Ilker Yuksel

I can’t stand cruelty against animals if it’s caused by humans. Watched King-Kong yesterday and felt like I reaching my hand out and killing the man in the TV.

Then I spent focusing on Brody getting the girl, but that didn’t reduce my distaste on the character played by Black. How can one even think bringing such beauty away from their world? To have such need for money and power! I guess that means he filled the expectations…

In the end it still hurt so much to see his death. A monster? Hardly. Then the Black’s character came and said “Beauty that killed the beast.” And I could but think, why didn’t they kill his character in the end for even slight justice? But I guess this was the point of the story – justice as such does not exist. It’s dead, just like the king of the gorillas.

“Beauty that killed the beast.” Classic fairy tale, isn’t it? I’m surprised though that when you see the quote, it’s related to the King Kong movie and how he fell in love with her and protected her and died because they couldn’t be together… Think a little – how did you catch a unicorn? By sending the virgin after it. How about Beauty and the Beast fairy tales? After the Beauty walks out on him, he dies in grief and heartbreak and her love changed him back to human – her love kills the monsterous ways in him, forces to see things on other people’s point of view. As this sentence has that in it (not so small word after all), it gets a whole new meaning. Blinded by what we love. Doesn’t have to be beautyful, even close friend can bring that reacton forward or your pet or your family member or that ragged coca-cola bottle cap that reminds you the harshness you’ve come through. I don’t think he even though about things like that, he protected his friend, his obsession; someone, who responded to his hopes.

I try my best to keep in mind it’s a remake of  the movie from 1933 and back then it might have had some logic. I’d say it was the other way around and the monster is still there and all you need to do is look in the mirror.

Perhaps I wouldn’t have felt so grieving hadn’t I already seen the 1933 version and thus knew what was coming. Can’t say that seeing that was much easier.

Have you noticed though how there’s going on this transition of who is chosen for specific characters? It didn’t use to be so obvious, but lately and the half a decade in the past they have started depolarizing the actors. Who used to play jester roles are now heroes and great lovers and the serious action heroes are taking joker roles. Bad side of it is that after the jester gets to be the king, you don’t see him as a jester anymore. Brody for example. When I first saw him as a jester, he was good at it. But after seeing his more serious roles I wonder how much joking roles he actually had and as odd as it seems, but none…


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