Ancient craft or modern?

I did manage to fall asleep eventually – at3 in the morning. Didn’t feel good though and it was one very depressed day.

However, that’s to that, I have far more impressing question in mind.

Ancient ways against modern?

I would ask back – what’s the difference? How far back should one go to call something ancient? Most things I read about being described as very ancient truly don’t have anything to do with anything dating before middle ages. Already because the items and materials they used weren’t available even to kings! Do you really think that half of the tools were part of rituals before any time? I don’t. Ceremonial Magic as we know it today is relatable to temples at best (in which I still don’t get the connection between the tools and gods they worship, like cingulum with Toth, etc) and even here the word ancient is very far fetched. The Golden Dawn is probably the starting place of any of the true ceremonial magic as far as I’ve found out.

But when I think about witchcraft being modern… yes, it’s possible. Defining modernity in this would be again another question. What could be translated as modern witchery while most of this is common sense and knowledge? Like, if you put salt in the water it starts boiling faster or if you strip the stem of the tulip and put tiny black pepper grain in between, then the flower will last longer. I bet you could make that into witchery too. Or having herb punches dry around on the house -one might think they are there for protective witchery.

If one would look at the bread signs our ancestors had to protect the bread – that could be witchery too. If you didn’t know that the mark put on the bread was the house mark and symbolized the family. As we don’t have the house marks anymore, we still put the cross on our bread if we make it ourselves. I gladly do it – not straight on the baking bread, but on the dough before, when I put it aside to rest.

I think why people like to call the Craft ancient is because it gives it the ring like it’s older than Christianity. Perhaps so, but it’s irritating if you know you are still practicing modern things under the name ancient. Like saying you’re making porridge for dinner, yet make soup. It doesn’t matter how old it is!

I’m not saying you can’t publish books under that terms anymore, but considering how much we have to find out ourselves during the path, I’d find it refreshing if I don’t have to be constantly worried if the information is water proof. Rather be honest and say “I heard it from my father, grandmother or long lost relative” and I’d buy it with joy. Label it as custom of Ancients and I ask to see the proof.


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