Whenever I’m down, I find it smoothing for my bad mood to look up some superhero. I am slave to my own habits and as yesterday I managed to see the end of the X-men, I found a new adorable creature from these mists.

Kurt Wagner.

Or Nightcrawler. To be honest, I was more interested in the actor playing him than the character himself. I remember some from the cartoons from the 1990s (that’s when it showed here) and I can’t remember him being interesting back then. Didn’t find any of them interesting enough to remember.

Out of the blue question seeing one image – Nightcrawler has a pupet?!?!?!?

But the man playing him clicked and suddenly those yellow eyes were worth seeing again. In a way he’s the red light above all the green that make you stop and take notice. When talking about how important is the actor’s input for a character, then Alan Cumming should be added to my list of actors that roll the dice by their liking. Seriously odd man and plays even weirder characters from comedy to drama. The  Tempest, Tin Man, Ripley Under Ground, Gargoyles, Titus, Cabaret, Dread Poet’s Society… The list could go on endlessly and probably will be another page long as, being mostly a supportive character; he has quite some work in progress. One thing is sure – he looks odd at first glance, weird in close hand, but his characters always have heart so big it won’t fit in the chest. And he makes sure you feel it.

In Tin Man he played Glitch. I don’t remember anymore what made me seek it out, but between all the oddities it consisted and his very unlikable stupid character, I found myself suddenly thinking without any obvious reason that he is amazingly warm and good hearted character.

Btw, if you seek Glitch from the Google, you end up with lots of oddities as response, with one extra mutant from Dragonball Z and heaven knows what else more. So don’t really bother.

Yup. My hero for the night :).


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