St. Patrick’s day!

I saw one heavily green beauty in my dream – and today IS the St. Patrick’s Day, so…

I’m not sure when the party in my dream started, but it was in full swing when I got hang of it. It looked like one of those 50s musicals, where lots of pretty people dressed in different eras, which made me believe I was witnessing a costume party, dance like crazy. It was blindingly sparkly, lots of stuff flying around and constant laughter and music.

In the middle of all that were step-dancing twins! They were dressed oddly, in black trousers (though at some point I thought it were knickers pants) and black slightly buffed from the back vest with dark grey satin back piece. Under it was lovely Kelly green (or Islamic green) dark satin shirt. They had their sleeves rolled up later, but while they were dancing there with their top hats and canes, they were long. They weren’t very tall, but classically hansom and both with heavily curled auburn hair.

After they displayed their show and were cheered up, one of them stayed to party with the rest of the guests while the other one went upstairs. I don’t remember him going there, but at some point the other brother followed with few girls and called him, excitedly (probably from all the bubbling), to join them and forget the nasty feeling he was having.

He was curled up in a yellow room that looked rather feminine (though I can’t remember many details) with a chair next to him, on which his drugs were. The room was very low, tiny even and placed right under the roof, which made me think it was actually their small sister’s room. I didn’t see the child though.

He refused to give in to his brother at first, considering how poorly he looked, though still in his party attire, he did give in later. I remember the thought cross my mind that he could get rid of them if he played along a little. So he pulled himself up from there and his brother demanded he’d show something he’d done (a routine from his exercises or dance). It consisted lots of pulling hands up and swinging them around while he explained his show in English. They all laughed and that seemed to make him better too.

I realized suddenly that though he looked ridiculously adorable I was more interested in his biceps – how on earth can man get heavy looking arms with massive biceps like that? He was rather lean on elsewhere. So the last few minutes were spent observing his movements and moving my gray cells on the matter of “did he do lots of work on roads or heavy lifting in the gym?”

With the word “work” hitting my brain I was suddenly up and rolling, searching for the phone and staring at the numbers 5:37. Damn phone alarm! Never working when you need to get up early!


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