God and Goddess and bone runes

I told some time in the past that I need to do the recheck on the topic.

Still trying to figure it out. I think I’m pretty sure, what my god is, who he is or what he expects me to do. Still, revieling it will rise more questions than answers, so I’ll keep it to myself.

Mother Nature :).  Yeah, but every time I think about offering her, I yet again feel that she is busy enough to deal with me, who I seek my gain. She is there and always will be, moody and majestic just as she is.
But there is another goddess, who I’ve grown very fond of.
As I’ve said before in some of the articles, I find her to be symbolically the best carnation of what drives me. Home and family. She is the eldest and the youngest, she is first and the last. I’ve added a link here, which you can follow and find out more.

Now and then I hear Wiccans talk about the elements and how they use them in their work. That made me think, which are the elements that I feel most comfortable working with, which make up the rocks of my altar? Heh, like I have an altar… Well, I might not have one, but there are still two that I use more often than others as they seem to fit the best with my ways and are important to have around.
I’ve learned that I need live fire. I would like to say, it’s because of Hestia, but hardly. I would love to have fire that I can keep alive through time, but that comes, when I get my place. Right now we have wood fireplaces and that’s enough. But if I’m not at home, but in town, where making fire can end up with fire department call, I seem to have a habit of lightning candles. Not to make spells or anything, but just to have it around. Oddly I rather make tiny bonfire than use a candle. The color of the candle is considered important. I’m learning how to get corresponding color in the fire itself.
I have always had water around me. When I was a kid, I lived next to moving water in the bonds and often traveled near rivers. Now over 10 years I’ve lived next to a river that often covers the fields in springtime and every time I go to work, I cross it at least twice. It’s the same river :). I don’t collect its water as I feel the stilling water to be stagnant.

I’ve taken two long paths. Three, if you count the book.
First, I’ve ordered my last set of tarot. Perhaps there might come others, but I feel that for a long time, these will be the last ones. The Universal Fantasy Tarot. I’ve been waiting for them for long time. They are cards that many find hard to read because of the pictures. I guess they might be right, but I feel they speak. It might be that one only needs a deeper interest in fairy tales and God knows I have it.
Secondly, I started collecting new set of runes. This will be more serious set than the ones I’ve made so far. I still adore the set I collected with my niece from Paldiski summers ago – they work fantastically and seem to be charged all the time, not to mention stones that are polished by live water – but I felt that there is time for another set. My sister’s gonna have a field day, but my family seemed to take it with rather ease. Made of phalanges of pig’s feet.
There are only two suitable bones in every feet, so you can do the counting.  As Christmas was coming, I managed to get 12 of those bones! And then I lost most of them on the next day too. Just heard the crunching sound and realized I hadn’t put them away high enough to keep Madli away. Got in the room just in time to witness how phalanges, which itself is hard to break, was crunched between her mighty jaws in one effortless move. Needless to say, nature did it’s corse and she soon threw up. Now I only have 4. Plus few, which will be good for simple tossing things.  Ok, so it will take more time, but I think by the end of the year I will have all of them and can start the process of scratching the runes in. As usually – time-consuming, but no one said making a good divination set is easy.

The book. Takes time. After exams. Right now I need to concentrate on them and just go and make the exams.


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