One would call it erotic, so unless 18 and willing, keep your young hands off.

She was nearly asleep when she felt hands climbing over her, slowly pulling her back so her feet were over the edge of the bed and placed her on her stomach, hands on her sides. She could sense the fingers following her neck, moving slowly down her shoulders, all the way to her palms, where they stopped and started massaging the inside of her fingers. She smiled with the good sensation that spread over her tired body. She didn’t want to open her eyes, she feared she’d spoil the moment.

The hands in her palms continued, slowly moving from there to her wrists and back over her fingers. It was slow, like it would go on forever, but instead, the fingers moved to her back and shoved aside her hair, making their way to her neck and squeezed it gently. That scared her a little, but she kept her eyes closed. The hands left the neck half a minute later and moved back down, fusing the fluttery sensations in her heart and pelvis.

Suddenly, one of the hands moved under her, raising her gently while the other one kept massaging her lower back. That was too much for her to handle and she pushed herself up, but was immediately forced down, her wrists captured between his strong hands. In her position, she was hardly an opponent. She instantly stopped fidgeting, but the hands didn’t free her before they were sure she wasn’t trying it again. He released her and the hands moved slowly back on her back, slowly carving her muscles for better. Her breathing slowed and lips burned as she kept breathing through her mouth. It was hard to keep breathing at all the lower the hands moved, until she swallowed hard.

She tried to turn around the moment the hand moved under her belly again, but again the hands clutched around her wrist, forcing her back, stopped her.

It irritated her that his breathing stayed the same while hers turned into burning hell as sensations concurred her mind in blissful hopes that he forbid her. Angry that she couldn’t dominate her own feelings and body made her try again, but he didn’t move, only waited until she stopped and then, after confirming she didn’t try again, placed her hands back to her sides.

He started over, playing with her fingers and palm, but the moment he reached his hand under her and the other on her back, the door opened, letting in a party of three. The storm of disappointed flew over her as she felt being pulled up against him, hiding him from their views. She felt a slow kiss placed on her neck while hugged from behind and then the image was gone and not a moment too soon.

“I believe you’ll like this ,” the older woman she didn’t know rolled out a gown on her metallic table.

There was a huge mirror on the end of the table. Before she knew it, she was dashed under endless cords of pearls. She walked before the mirror, placed it so it stood well and smiled.

A voice reached from her back, telling her she looks beautiful.



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