Triffle traffle

It wasn’t the most steady sleep tonight, so it was mostly fragmented and partly very very ugly.

1. Sis was having her first babe. As soon as we got to the hospital, which looked more like a apartment house with swimming pools on every floor? It was old and smelled stuffed and everything was light blue. We were taken to  third or forth floor on foot and then showed into a room, which was cosy, filled with carpets of pure yellow and red and the furniture and the walls were in same colours, which to me  was strange as you wouldn’t expect such colours from a waiting room. They, I don’t know, who, told us to wait there and watch the on-line video from the birthing room?? It showed the swimming pools and women swimming there. The tutoring was to start in any minute now they told us.

What followed was a huge mess and I don’t want to remember that part at all, so on to the next one.

2.  I was on a bus and going towards Tartu when I suddenly felt the need to go off the bus in Kardla and so I did, heading towards Vorbuse, but ended up on a big street with houses on both ways and lots of beauty trees hanging around so I couldn’t see anything beyond them, as if I was in a small town instead of a two housed village in the middle of the fields.  I came from the west, but when I looked on my right, I was coming from the east? I thought went through my head that I needed some coffee as the shop didn’t have any and crackers. Then I noticed the shop, which was a two storage high building with crackers and sugar and flour and all other stuff nicely piled outside the wall with no seemingly notable entrance. I stood there, wondering how to get in, when suddenly a man appeared behind me, a taller fellow with familiar looks, but I couldn’t understand from where, dressed in light blue west and darker jacket and light grey pants and a simple white shirt. He passed me and started rearranging stuff in enormous speed, creating some stairs to clime on and I suddenly saw the door that was hidden behind a corner in the wall, like camouflage.  We entered. The inside of the shop was light, clear, sunny light. There was nice brown carpet as well.

I was busy looking around, when the man came in, showed his jacket away and reached out his hand with my rosering.  He cave it to me and said that he should give me this ring as we’re engaged now. I took it from him, putting my bags down and said smilingly that I wouldn’t preffere anything less perfect and simplest. Which I felt was absolutely true as I’m not very stones-on-rings kind of gal. He smiled too and turned to his reception desk, where he took some papers up.

3. The moment he did that I felt things change and was suddenly in P14, but it was all messed up, with stairs being in the wrong place and the corridors having glass doors in the wrong direction. More like a local healthcarecentre on Puuspepa? I was standing on a stairs and saw a man jumping to my way, but when he saw me, he stopped, then turned and went the other way. I knew him well. Two girls followed him and asked if I saw him. I said I did. They told me those two must be caught and I stood there on, still fitting the ring in my finger, puzzled  as I knew of only one. “Yes, he’s a sick man” I told them and they disappeared and I noticed in the corridor, behind the glass doors a girl I knew from old times, trying to breath life back into a girl, who was laying down on the floor, eyes open and didn’t move. She had red and white striped pullover.

4. Then I was back at the shop, still standing between my bags and looking at his back.

Then I woke up.


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