Things I need to remember

OK, so I looked things through and there is mostly simple rant on different topics of things. But there were things I want to remember: 

  • Chien Tung divination sticks from China. I’ve been looking around them again and again and still am. I’m preserving this link, so I know what I’m describing when I find someone going to China again.
  • October 2006 – the Ghost seeing month. A black shadow that went through the walls, nailing me to my seat for 3 hours.
  • November 15 or 16, 2006 – I got my Goddess Tarot deck. 🙂
  • The Mala beads. I stumbled on them while searching for info about Kuan Yin Oracle, which I managed to finally translate into Estonian quite well by two weeks, and they seemed incredibly interesting. Maybe, because I stumbled on them twice this week, the other time in a small shop called Ruum. Hmm :P. At the beginning of the next month I will deffinitely get myself some. Need to do more resurch on this matter. I do know they are quite serious things and you don’t get them merely to collect them. Still, they would be nice adition to my tools.
  • Also, there’s some myth I never seem to hold the origin correct – anyone know it, correct me. For some reason it always connects with old Greek, perhaps through philosophers? The myth:
    Men and women were at first created as one and they were round ball that kept rolling over the land till gods saw it annoying and divided them in two and from there on man and women keep searching for The One to become one with their other side they were divided from. Also, that’s the reason why we have flat backs.
    That’s the myth. I’ve always liked it and found it funny how the last sentense is like throuwn after something so romantic. I think it was first told to me some time around Valentine’s Day so it might relate to that.
  • Now divination. In the past few days I’ve been searching information about what is more commonly known as Shona divination dice. Lesson for today: if you wish to get irritated in short period, read about what you are interested in. In collecting divinations, I think there is a critical error that shines through from most works I read about in researching that particular subject. And this makes me very disappointed in folklorists. They collect the data indeed as data – time, when it was used; user groups; differences; what they look like… What I haven’t found so far is anything related with the meanings! I understand that particularly with Shona dice, there aren’t any fixed meanings, yet I read they are mostly curtain in most areas nowadays, yet not one of the researchers give me any information about what they are! It’s nice to read about where it comes from, but in practical side, such folklore collecting way is slightly off, like making a collection that is dead for further use – it can’t be revived, because half of it is missing. And I’m very very disappointed for this. Especially as I constantly think back on students’ divination collection at local Literature Museum, where it is in such poor quality that if you touch the paper, the ink sticks on your hand and all that is needed to destroy it is mere hand touch! And that collection is the other side of the coin – there they have meanings, but no description on how to do it. Those two ought to get together.
    Like that helps with Shona dice! I did find something, but this is too weird and my brain is literally sick from reading. So, I’ll continue tomorrow.
  • few other stuff

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