Movable altar, elemental magic and the broom closet problem

This candle magic aka fire magic has sparkled my interest in fire magic in general and chemistry in general. When doing candle magic there are hundreds of lists about what color candle to choose for which purpose.

Personally, I prefer using real fire. That gives you option of using chopped wood and other stuff that can have magical meanings of their own, like rowan is always been protection tree (and stands for health with the vitamin rich berries) and you plant birch or any other tree with leafage for a female of the house and conifer for a male representative. In this case – if you know what they stand for, you can add power by adding the specific type of wood to the fire. Also herbs, wishes written on paper, cones, berries…

Especially one question comes to mind: what can be used to color fire? I know that if you burn some newspapers, the color of the fire turns green. But what else changes the color of fire that is rather easy to get and doesn’t categorized under heavy metal or chemical or illegal gunpowder bomb?

I’ve found few links so far, but they are all based on chemistry and by the looks of it at first – I ain’t getting myself a credit card to pay for the special stuff.

Still, there should me some things that color it, right? Would add an awesome effect to…


Other stuff.
My knee hurts. Not the usual aching feeling, but an absolute pain when I stand up from the chair. I think this time the swelling has really relocated something and that’s what really hurts now.

Coming out of the closet problem… I keep finding videos how it could be done and I keep wondering why? I guess I don’t have that big of a problem with it and that’s why I don’t really understand it. I’ll leave it there then. The only part that I would like to touch is your family. Accept them as they are – whine over them, cry your eyes out – if they don’t accept it – as long as you live under their roof, accept them. Don’t go around raising altars where it’s most suitable for you, don’t go around with smoke candles if it bothers your brother – they live there too. Live WITH them, not AGAINST them as that’s what it will look like if you don’t respect their right to be free of it as much as you have the right to be within it.

About placing my altar. If you think hard – what is one thing in all this new age and wiccan culture that puts together the elements and the circle of life? Oil scent burners! I may not have all the place in the world, but such as if you wish to practice your faith, that’s the simplest of all ways to start with.

First: it’s perfect for 3 element spells as it has 3 elements: the fire evaporates the water and it goes to air. Also, most of those ceramic burners need something under them as they heat up pretty badly and so can burn your surfaces, which means you can add another element – either wooden trivet or some sand under it. Because of this little unfortunate side effect I prefer things with feet and made of metal and with removable glass bowl on top.

Secondly: I resent the smell of smoke and burning herbs. I have tried them and though they cleance the air and the space I can’t be in the same room for long time. I’m sure some of the newcomers have faced the same problem and it doesn’t get better over time. Oil scent burners don’t have smoke, but they still scent the air and cleanse the space. Just little differently – with the scent of the given herb you’re using to replace the smoke.
If I could, I’d still use some smoke after every quarter’s big cleaning, but that comes in plan when I have me own place :).

Back to the business.

Simple example of a candle spell. Oil burners are great for practising the simplest forms of spells. Just ideal even. Small candle means it will be done in two hours tops. They are easy to scribe in and if you don’t want to show it everybody, it is perfectly hidden under the metal wrapper. You can oint the candle with the chosen oil, add some in the water as well, concentrate on it with your wish, say the spell out loud and light the candle. You can add some small flowers or lime/lemon/orange slices in the water as well or any herb/cone/berry that you need, place it to the place you feel most comfortable in and let it do the magic. Perfect for spells that need to go out to the world so to speak. There are tons of colors for the candles also or use white, which is suitable for almost anything.

So… simple altar for practice. :).

Also, people with indoor and outdoor fire places keep forgetting for some unknown reason that fire place, the hearth of the house was the original altar from the times of Greeks and that you can use and time your spells so and use the strong flames. To me fire is an entity of its own, which means that when you put something into fire for religious purposes, you don’t toss it in the middle (like slapping a friend to its face), but you toss it on the side of the flames. I guess that goes differently by the path and teachings.

Water spells. Rivers. Perfect and I love them. The simplest of all – take a coin and carry it around with you in your pocket for few days, chanting your wish that you wish the river to bring to you or help you with. I use 1 EEK coins or 5 EEK coins. After few days (that time should be set ahead and timed as you wish it and so on), when you cross the bridge – flip it to the river chanting it the last time out loud if you want and let the river do his job. When you see it to come true – pass the river once more and  flip another coin there and thank him.

Earth spells work magic when you have a bad habit. Burrying things in our out of your garden is known fact. But little bigger flowerpots work as well ;).

So, use your head – no need to get all the magical tools in one. That’s where my love for kitchen comes in – most tools are in our kitchen almost on daily basis. The only think I’m probably (as I’m not 100 percent sure if I actually need one) is athame or I’m gonna make it myself – we’ll see – as this is the knife that can’t be used for cutting and well, you use all the stuff in your kitchen to cut something. Also, buying it from somewhere? Remember that most knives made in big firms do go through some sort of cutting test making them useless in magical sense. Anyway, there is always a way to clence them if you need to use them and when somebody walks in on your little ritual in the kitchen, you don’t have to say much if you don’t want to. They all look nicely daily.

Pentagrams in your little household of your parents. I think these are the hardest ones as many would still prefer a good solid pentagram they could use in rituals. If you are afraid, draw the pentagram on a paper – you can toss it away afterwards or burn it and nobody will know. Very simple and it works just as the wooden and metal pentagrams you can buy for heavy money. I’ve also used those long sticks they use for barbeque – you can make a nice pentagram from it over a plate and you have your symbol.

Still, all the advice is good advice, but only in terms set by you. Meaning – if you choose this path, start slowly, start wisely and work your way up. These ideas given here are temporary usable and work also for traveling altars and things like that. My brother has always told me – gently and slowly give them hints of what you want instead of a drastic change. If they have time to settle with it and see that you are certain about this and it doesn’t indeed harm anybody or you won’t lose your mind, they will accept it as in most cases, parents do wish their children to be firsthand happy and then rich and famous.

Wouldn’t suggest for religious fanatics though – nothing out there can make them understand the colors this planet comes in. So, for conclusion – don’t turn into fanatic yourself and you’ll have fun for the rest of your life.


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