God and Mother Nature

Posted originally March 11, 2008, which means I should take a recheck on the topic, too.

First, so we all can live without spilling blood, though this subject IS open for discussion, I strongly recomend that if you are easily affended by discussions on God and christianity and therefore discussions related to other beliefs, I advise you skip this post. Also, discussion does not mean crusifying.

Now, I don’t know if I have released this oppinion in this blog before, so if you find it familiar, just take it as a recheck on old thoughts.

Spring is near and that has made me think on religion once again. The article is also urged by the posters in my dorm walls declairing the superiority of christianity and how Easter is nothing without it (with facts that wanna make me cry). If you are in spreading your religion business, the least you could do is keep away from cheep tricks like declairing that bunnies, chicks and catkins are related to Jesus – go read some more, please, and then think again if you wish to spread the news of savior through folk tales and symbolics. Not to mention places like schools and dormitories, which unite so many people with different backgrounds, should be kept free from such adds (teaching religion, I do not mean only christianity, in school religion teaching is a nesessity), which would rise issues and quarrels between people, who should get along for common good. Spread it, fine, but bare in mind, what it means and how you do it. Christianity is good, but only as long as the people are good.

That said, let’s move on, back to God and Mother Nature and how they fit in the picture.

In my belief system, there are two main forces that keep things going. Forse would in this case mean god and goddess, spirits and other beings with face and body of some sort, but not some gass up in the sky. The higher rank deffinitely has their own mind, thinking and emotions and they are formed with the ability to create. The lower rank greatures go both ways – some are created to surtain tasks, who are never tough to think differently and therefore only do what they’ve been asked; other creatures think and act themselves, still influenced by creators.

The creation story, which always comes first, I think Mother Nature was first. Meaning she formed from the dust in the Universe first (nothing comes from nothing and all the building blocks excist -only put together different ways). Here I should say that though this might seem that there is one goddess only in the Universe, that’s the falce interpretation – first comes the planet, then formes the guardian being for the planet, then the teacher for the living. In our case, Earth was first, then the guardian spirit, Mother Nature, was born, then God, who teaches and forms us.

Why I think she was the first, is that she is also the keeper for the nonliving things, or what we understand as nonliving. God was born, when there became need for him. At the same time, Mother Nature and God are not related in a way like being mother and son or husband and wife – they don’t come from each other. They are two separated spiritual beings, who co-excist and know about each other and aknowlige each other, but have no emotional bondage between themselves. Friendship would be best to describe it. I don’t think they get in fights for who is greater, because they don’t have collective field in what they do, influence, yes, but not like I-take-over-nature-for-some-time. They are both Guardian spirits and for other planets, the same thing excists, may there be more or less of them, depending what the planet is about. Kinda like the first spirit is born with the planet, therefore can direct it’s functions and the rest come as they are needed, meaning if the first borns with surtain tasks, s/he can’t go on taking new tasks as they immerge, but new spirit borns to fullfill these tasks. That goes for the Higher spirits.

The lower spirits (ghosts, waterspirits, sprites, etc) are created by the higher spirits, again, as they are needed. No such thing as pointless excistance – if you are created, then you have a purpose, place in the system, even if you don’t know about it. The creations that act and reproduce themselves are created in the start and let to take their own choises and let to become how they may. No such thing as the creature was created as an adult and all the rest came as copies: nature laws as we know them do work. Mother Nature is the keeper of the order here. She doesn’t plan things as here-I-put-this-and-there-that, but she just lets things go with free will to grow and develope (creating systems that include physics and chemics). If something goes agains the order, she finds the way to balance it by setting things on a new chorse (creating desieses, population degreasing atriputes – yes, including homosexuality among animals and stupidity of human race). That chorse can lead to end for one creation, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t needed or unnessasery, but a step for the next. If the ecological niche is emptied, new thing will take over – no empty niche in natural order. Take her as the conductor of an orchestra: she leads the orchestra, but can only intervein up to the point to what music the instruments make.

God, on the other hand is the teacher and leader of humans and animals and his spirits (spirits are created by both guardians, they obey directly their creator). He came in play when people developed a need for him. In my understanding, he has always been up behind the blue of the sky, while Mother Nature is down on the surface. I see him mostly as christian god acknowlidging the things Bible gives. He is the teacher of people, leader for knowlidge and wisdom, someone to turn for spiritual guidance (Mother Nature is the opposite, the one to takes care the bodyly needs and what influences us by providing food and such). At the same time I think even if I see him now as a christian god, in the past I see him as the God, who is considered to be the leader among other Gods (Zeus, Rod, Thor, Uku), when it comes to many gods and that the other gods and goddesses worshiped were the spirits under his command. The same thing with Mother Nature – the main goddess and other goddesses, gods realted to nature were her spirits. God’s duties are to answer people’s questions and to be the spiritual guid, so they wouldn’t feel abandened and alone, to give them hope and reason to go on. Basicly, to teach them to excist. I think he is experimenting with us, giving different groups different way they see him, but at the same time he’s not crule, it’s how he was born. He can be cruel, deffinitely, as can Mother Nature – humans were created after their image, but cruelty and punishments are earned. What they punish for? I don’t wanna even answer as I’m sure I will not even be close to the real reasons, deffinitely for going against the order, but we propably never understand the real order.

How should they be worshiped in my system? Well, I don’t worship them much. As God is the spiritual leader and can hear everybody’s prays, he is very busy. Therefore turning to him without a good reason is like interveing father at work – he gets upset, he doesn’t have time for you always, but that’s not because he doesn’t love you, he just has other occupations too. But if you have deep need for him, he will hear and stand with you through your hardship. Thanking him afterwards is like natural thing to do. Praying to him every night just because it’s duty is like to clog up his mail box or like calling to 911 holding up the line while someone in great need is on hold. If you have a need, you find the way to him, if you pray for protection for your family, for your dog, he will be there for you. But it’s pointless to do it because it’s duty, with words that have come so daily to you you don’t even think about their meaning anymore.

Worshiping Mother Nature is different. She is the forces we can not controll and therefore asking her to change her ways, thinking that you can keep her from doing something is as good as teaching paper to roll over. Why? Because if she bends by every wish she woudn’t be the keeper of the order. She can help you – sure, comfort you when you need it, help you grow your crops or keep animals safer. But only with things that involve closed groups, one or two persons, animals – don’t expect her to skip the rains in Spain just because you feel it’s necessary.

OK, so now would rise the question of witches and preast and how they change the weather (fantasy related – little Harry, hehee)or exchorsism spirits. I do believe there are people, who can do it and do it. But they do it by themselves, not through her or him. If you have the knowlige from the wise, who the Guardian’s spirits teach, you can do it. Mother Nature doesn’t usually intervean. God might, but Mother doesn’t. That’s because if the withces/preasts do it, it is part of the order, even if it seems to mess up things in people-s p.o.v. and as part of the order, the chain reaction will finally come back to them when they are not expecting it, making them feel it as double (The law of coming back three times stronger in wicca, the good deed will be paid in christian) and then all is restored as natural.

Jesus Christ. I think he was a great man and though contreversial on the background info, I still his teachings are important. I have tried to see him as the Son of God and failed. I ended up in hardship because I don’t see people as children of God from any other aspect than through teachings. Jesus Christ is not part of the God to me, he is taught by God and therefore I can not accept worshiping him as God. He is not a good as is also explained in the Big Book. I also can’t accept him as my personal saviour, though I have tried that too, because the only saviour, if there is one, is God. At the same time I do not feel that I should be saved. Because humans are in my system part of the creatures, who were meant to think and act by themselves, I can’t hold God or Mother Nature responsible for my actions. I can ask for help and guidance and expect it, but I can’t go to them and say that I want to be freed from my sins.

Sins are actions agains nature and for that she will punish us and that is clear as water. I can’t sin against God as if I turn to some spirit, then they are always under straight subordination of God or Mother Nature. If I ask their help, they will do as they were meant to deal with things I ask and yes I woun’t be turning towards my God at that moment, but I know that if I turn to the spirit I get exactrly what they are meant to give me – be it indeed nightmares, torture or whatever other nasty thing then if not something good. It’s then my own stupidity that I didn’t learn enough about that spirit before I went for it and I can’t go running before the Guardians expecting them to punish the spirit for being who they are. The sexual sins go under the Mother Nature’s district and therefore be dealt by her understandings.

Death is interesting subject to go next. I do believe there are spirits, who come from humans, animals, like from hoasts. I also believe there are spirits, who have never had hosts. The first version goes that the spirit and body are strongly related with each other in the body. If the body stops moving, runs itself out, the spirit is torn apart from it – the body dies slow, the spirit frees itself slowly, static disolves in air; the departure is upsetting/suprising, the spirit is separated fast, tearing with itself particals from the body as the static has not disolved naturally. Imagine them as staticaly loaded bodies, which at first, leaving the body, leave also the particals they took with them, but as they move around, they are still so loaded with electrical charge that when they pass something, even air, they take particals with them and that’s what makes them visible to naked eye. That group can go two separated ways: ones, who then lose the power over time and become part of the next cycle and the ones, whos acknowligement of themselves stays and who don’t dissapear.

Now, about why I feel ok if people die in natural disasters while I am not ok with people-to-people disasters with hundreds of victims. One is part of the process, unevitable and part of controlling the population. The other is pure idiocrasy and stupidity, because human hardly thinks further from their needs and miss the big picture. Seems to go against the rules explained above? Well, I don’t cry either way as to me it is natural and -and that’s gonna sound crule now – part of the process, therefore there’s no reason to cry. At the same time I still feel for them personally (I don’t understand the worship of desiest body, but I accept funurals and all that goes with it) and I do not accept killing as something human kind has right to do (unless the person has proved to be totally unacceptable for better good of society) and guns in homes is as good as to doom your own children. So goes for hunting for fun and taking down forests to build a bigger house for family that has only father, mother and A child. If you have no need for it, then why do you do this? Sounds naive? Showing off with your wealth is naive.

And no, I will not go with a bomb agains other living beings, though it is often pointed out to me that such thinking shows how much I hate human kind. I do not hate them, never has and never will – I love them too much for that. I just don’t see why I should cry for someone’s stupidity or if nature does it’s work. The world does not bend endlessly and we are gonna tear it apart so it will end with our armageddon. I know it’s coming and eventually we will be replaced with some other life form and there’s nothing new in this story. The only ones, who have hard time believing it, are the humans. Some say, there will be no armageddon and I agree – for world, deffinitely no armageddon. For humanity – yes. And no reason to go around warning people for it – if it comes, it comes and our Guardians will stand by our side to help us, but they woun’t intervien nor will they do exseptions – natural choice all the way. Also, no dates on Armageddon as this will be i.m.o. a long process and we might not even realise it beore we’re back in times with 200 000 living in Europe and Africa.

Paradise! Nice one for the end :). I think God is responsible for that. Why? Because Paradise is spiritual thing and according to your beliefs. Meaning if you are native american and believe in Golden Fields, then that’s where you end up, if christian and Paradise, then that’s what you’ll find. If you believe in suffering and hell, then that’s where you might end up, according then on your actions and breaking hte rules. Because the spirit disolves after death, I do think, the images he gives us are only for those who die once and are meant to be revived. After death it’s simple disolving act or according to laws becoming the spirit among us.

To finish up, I must say I probably have left out alot that would explain one or other thing and for many, this articles is place to laugh your guts out :). At the same time, this system hasn’t come to me over night, it has developed over years and propably keeps growing. But I can’t explain alot myself yet either. I just wished to bring you part of how I see the world right now and you’d understand some things I say or do. Or don’t do. My belief system is indeed crule, but so is life.



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  1. The earliest Mother’s Day celebrations can be traced back to the spring celebrations of ancient Greece in honor of Rhea, the Mother of the Gods. Honey Jesus

    • In a way all mother figures are related to spring I think. When everything is starting to burst to life, it’s easy to celebrate growing and those, who take care for it.

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