**News from LC Aisling** 24/11/2016

Hi readers!

I have decided that for the time being,  I will no longer publish novels on Kindle. Those, who bought the books – thank you! I am very grateful for your patronage. I am not completely abandoning the publishing idea, but for time being, I am concentrating more on creating.

However, I have added both Gargoyle and Neitsipärg  on the homepage so who are interested can still come and read. Also, as the story Giant found it’s end yesterday, I am starting a new weekly story – Third Law, which will become available starting next Wednesday. Although I had planned to publish it as e-book, I am making it available for free on the homepage.

As you also noticed, a new title has appeared in the Hatangy section Rare Pearl. This story will be continued on each Sunday, replacing the Sunday Journal and is the sequel for Gargoyle novel.

third-law-cover-small  gargoyle-thumb  Neitsiparg eesti k WB  rare pearl cover

Thank you for visiting and have fun reading!

L.C. Aisling

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I’m removing my two books from sales.

I’m in a weird place with my writing. I got past 20k in NaNoWriMo, which, by the way, I guess I was doing, until I woke up yesterday feeling soggy about this whole thing.


Here’s the thing. I have a member in the family (oh goody), who has lately been snapping at me on any chance when writing comes up how badly I’m doing with it and it’s getting to me. They are the sort of around-the-corner hints that you can’t really fight with, because the only answer I would get would be something in line “you’re seeing an elephant” and then the jokes continue. And I am so tired of this. They are getting to me in a way that I want to either shut him up for good or send the whole writing to hell so he would just shut up.

And at this point, I’m feeling like I’m not getting any support. I don’t know if my writing is going anywhere, if I should like take down all my books and send the whole idea of publishing them the traditional way to hell and just put them up on the homepage and hell with the whole “one day they might earn something” idea, ’cause right now… I am feeling very insecure.

So at this point I’m considering continuing this innuendo as my personal joke only.  I still want to put my stories up, I don’t want to write in the drawer, but I don’t feel like going through the publishing thing either. I’ve always thought that having family support is important to me, but right now I don’t feel like sharing anything with them. Especially as this has come to light. Maybe it’s the depression talking, but I just…

I think I’ll just put the stories up and let them be there, at least then the 189 subscribers, maybe they will read them.


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Beginning of Idiocracy or Purge?

“I’m afraid that time has come and gone, my friend.” as Terry Rapson says in the movie Day After Tomorrow. “Save as many as you can.”

Since I woke to watch the train go off the trails in the news I have been fighting my urge to both shoot arrows in the TV and keeping that blabber box on all the time, because I can’t decide if I’m still asleep or awake and this is the new reality. I keep seeing titles of alternative history in my head, Idiocracy and Purge being the most dominant. Continue reading

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Too difficult?

tumblr_static_tumblr_static__640Ok, so I decided that sitting here moping over a question of “to do or not to do” is a lot of o-s in one sentence, so I sent 5 artists a requests on making one group of the cover art for me. Stated how I need it, how I can pay (no feebies, it’s a business and doing art myself I know how misunderstood the pricing is in this world) and I…

Well, what I got so far is, like nothing.

Because I need the characteristic aliens of one species for the covers, portraits that include face and upper body, dressed, then so far, after asking for descriptions, out of five four have already refused. Based it on that it will be very detail oriented and they don’t want to argue over the tiny details. After I specifically said that there are no fixed details aside few guidelines how the species look and I’m ok with whatever solution they come up with as long as they keep to the same character upbuild while they do the other 4 images as well. Two said it was time consuming, which kinda surprised me, because I can see from their galleries that they make poster size paintings and I also said I don’t have fixed deadline, so I can wait until the art is finished before doing the final design. And the fourth guy just sent me a scramble of words that I could make out of that he does not work for beginning writers… Which was also a wow moment, because, well, I wasn’t asking him to do freebies and I offered him a job, not ask him do mine.
I didn’t think it would be this hard. So, should I not mention that yes, those books have not been given out yet and no, I’m not expecting, like, mountain size income from them. What I do want though, is to have covers that say “put some effort in” and “suitable today and 20 years from now”.

Yeah, I said four out of five. I’m still waiting answer from the fifth. Fingers crossed.
Anyway, it’s just… I guess I really have to pick up my paints and try do it myself. Which I’m not at all thrilled with, because I don’t draw sci-fi at all.



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Oh, a writer? How many poems do you have?

In the light of the recent events on Literature Nobel Prize, it has been widely speculated this and that and in general the shock of it isn’t cooling off. A poet received a literature honors.

Well, in general, that’s the definition of literature – it consists both of written long works and poems.

However, I do understand the big hit it has given to the novelists, who realized that what they considered one of the few high honors given to writers, has suddenly been given to someone, who is not a writer. He is a poet.

It was quite a shock to me too, because I couldn’t believe what i was hearing – musicians have tons of famous awards given to them yearly, so why give the award to push world changing literature to someone, who is already famously awarded here and there?

Sounds like a bitter loser talk?

Is it? I am a writer. Yet I don’t do poetry. Almost at all, with the trio exception over the years, but aside those three, I don’t like writing them. But it rang home, when they said Dylan got the prize, because even here, the most common question to a writer is “how many poems have you written?” or “what kind of poems do you like?”.

So you sigh inwardly before starting the laborious task of explaining the difference between poet and a writer.  That you haven’t got any poems and, in my case, I don’t like reading them much either. But that last part I’m trying to keep out, because so far that makes me look like an idiot it seems, because then they toss me six known poet names or begin telling me how “limiting your vocabulary in writing shows your expertise on using words.” Which isn’t wrong, because as any writer knows – you have to have some kind of synonym dictionary and need to read constantly to take in new expressions.

Sometimes it seems that writers are hypergraphics, sick people, who have the need to write rather than creators of something beautiful too while poets are the true gauge of the literature. I have been called that by a poet, after I confessed I’d written 10 000 words in one night, because i had this idea that wouldn’t let me go. I guess it did register as an insult, now that I think of it, because I don’t know how to call someone, who has to limit themselves to the point that they want to squeeze out a large thought through the minimal amount of words. Which is usually accompanied by monster load of explanatory footnotes, because, imagine that, nobody understood what they wanted to say.

So which is better? To express yourself clearly in the first place and meet people, who understand your meaning, although considering the perspective of any reader, the meaning of any piece of art is subject to their upbringing and perspectives of the world, or to be not understood at all, because you pretty much test them instead of having a conversation. But they talk in the language the poetry readers understand and well, that kinda makes this entire conversation a pointless use of air.

I was upset, when I heard Dylan got the Nobel Prize. As I do admire his works, I understand, why he was given it and I don’t mind that part at all, because it is literature award, not novel award.  The upset part came from the past conversations of my own life, or the society’s opinion that if I say I write, then they automatically assume I write poetry. And seeing a poet get the award over writers, kinda hammered it home.

As if novel writers are dwelling in the red light district of literature, because all the places in big palaces are taken by the poets and unless you switch, you get to enjoy all the looks from the “true” writing circle, who pity you for your lack of talent. “That’s why you have to work aside.” They say. Good for you that you got famous, when literature still meant something, but hey, yeah, we still do it and if courtesans have been turned into street prostitutes, then I guess the readers King and Queen have to come to red light district to use our services.


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Small changes

I have done some small changes on the blog.

First of all, it is no longer my main blog, but I still keep updating it here as things come. What it means is that it has been  added to act as side blog for the main. My main is my business blog, my alter ego writer site. That’s why the icon has changed and it now carries the title “back to homepage”. Not to worry, the address doesn’t change, so you need no other change other than noticing the title of the blog did change.

On the other matters – I have finished a book, which will join the list now that is up for editing before I can fixate the “about” date to get the book out. I know the one I wanted to publish and hoped to publish faster has kind of not happened yet. The editing on it is done, but daily life has taken over my time and I need time to make it into ebook. It is not as easy as it seems. I’m sorry about that, but the book is basically still getting out soon.

The thing, however, that is keeping me back from publishing it as it is, is really simple – I want to think through some ideas on book covers. I am not happy right now with them, as I’ve been doing them very randomly and although, according to critics, I have gotten the basic there, it is still in newbie-style. So, time to give it a bit more thought before I have the entire thing out and it looks as diluted and messed up as it does now.

My main blog also got itself an adult section now🙂. I am actually very happy with it. It doesn’t send updates on newslist though and that was deliberate. It will be updated as often as  I get to it though. I just felt there was need to move some things from “shocking, because not declared” reading to more private region, where people can see and choose that they are reading grown up fiction from there on. I don’t have ways to block it from the hands of minors though, so it has to be up to your own concious and honesty.

So yeah, this is what’s been going on recently. It’s just been very, very busy time for me.

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Story versus trivia fact

I had an interesting encounter today.

I have been writing a story called Devil’s Butterfly.

flashfridayEfren Wooldrige, a food service manager at a 3 star restaurant Le Petit Chef, is up for a nasty surprise, when he discovers that his mother, whom he hasn’t had any contact for 7 years,  has no problem selling him to his new stepbrother Steven Custer for acceptance for her marriage to his father. Served on a plate, hot. But hot food burns your tongue if one isn’t careful.

Steven Custer, a CEO of a large corporation, has no doubt his father loves his new bride. However, the past has taught him that it’s not always the bride one ought to be cautious about. There are always “new” family members, who see no problem swindling their way up using the new family connections. So with the new bride he decides to take the matters in his own hands and prevent the ugly past from repeating again.

So, I was talking about it with some people, whom I’ve known for a long time and they know I’m writing it, because, well, I have done it publicly since January. So, today I was telling them again the main problems, because I may be involved with it 24/7, but I don’t expect others to know my story problems by heart no matter how often we discuss them. And I mentioned that “he had a fall out with his boyfriend” and he looked at me with this incredulous stare and asked, so he is gay? I shrugged that yeah, he is, Efren is gay.

“So it’s that sort of story! Don’t you think you should have mentioned it earlier?”

It kind of floored me.

Let’s leave aside the “that sort of story”, because I really don’t want to discuss gay pride right now. AS the main focus of this story has never been about him being gay. Yes, the character’s mother and friend give him some hard time for it, and that plays role in his decision making, because it is to push him, but other than that it really has no status in the story. And yes, I haven’t mentioned it being a gay love story, because I didn’t think that mattered for the story itself is about a man trying to survive his own inevitable doom as his body is giving up on him! It’s about putting trust in those closest to you and trusting them about your problems! It’s a sort of urban fantasy with a twist!

AND THAT TWIST IS NOT HIM BEING GAY! It is completely unimportant trivia fact about his daily life! But the moment I mentioned it, that story no longer mattered! All the focus was me not mentioning he was gay. They kiss maybe twice (? I can’t remember straight at the moment), hug and sit next to each other. THAT IS IT! But no, it has no importance – the story doesn’t matter.

For that reason alone, for the fact how trivia the whole book became after I mentioned that one word makes me furious. It was exactly that why I didn’t want to put that tag on it. Because you read “gay romance urban mystery” and you expect what?

Honest to god, what do you expect?

I expect a romantic urban mystery with a couple of men. I don’t care if they get in bed or fight over a vacant place on their favorite sofa, but I want a mystery that holds water and perhaps has some urban fantasy elements in it. The relationship will be cherry on the top, but if everything else fails, sorry, no cake.

I’m confused right now. I thought it was decent enough story and people liked the idea of it, the mystery I was weaving and the characters, who are struggling for their lives.

Then what the hell? What does that change if he has a boyfriend? He is still dying, he is still fighting with his stepbrother and trying to keep his mom from acting on her threat! That hasn’t changed!





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